PF’s 2022 journey: 12 client highlights

Whew! It’s hard to believe 2022 has come to an end. There’s so much we’re grateful for at PF this year and so many highlights from 2022. We could share about our new team members, how many Accelerator graduates we’ve had this year, or the fact we had our first in-person retreat in years (!!!).

As we set our sights on the year ahead, we want to focus on the real heroes: our clients. It’s who we’re most grateful for this year. We want to spotlight some of the incredible projects we’ve collaborated on with our amazing clients, and how much they’ve achieved in 2022.

Spoiler: they did some pretty epic stuff.

1. Saint & Co – Onboarding and client journey graphics

The team at Saint & Co worked with Ash, their PF Client Marketing Manager (CMM), and our design team to create two visual journeys for their clients and prospects.

Firstly, their onboarding graphic shows their audience what to prepare for in the onboarding process, once they’ve become a client of Saint & Co. It sets expectations for the process, lays out who will be responsible for what, and demonstrates Saint & Co’s experience with businesses similar to theirs.

We also collaborated to create their client journey graphic, so their prospects and clients know what their journey with Saint will look like after they’ve gone through the onboarding stages.


These graphics help Saint & Co’s audience feel secure and taken care of. They know they’re in safe hands as they can see both their onboarding and client journey laid out in a clear, visual plan. It helps their ideal prospects feel less like they’re taking a leap of faith, and instead they know what to expect when they start working with Saint & Co.

2. DigiM – Service levels graphic

The PF team worked with Alex, the owner of DigiM, to design a graphic showing the 3 service levels that DigiM offers their clients.


It visually lays out how clients and prospects can start at the best level for them, and then build up their services as their business grows. It also manages expectations of what their journey with DigiM could look like. Prospects visiting DigiM’s website are now able to identify which services are best for their business, giving them more clarity and confidence they’ll receive that top-quality DigiM value.

The graphic shows their clients and prospects the best service offering for their individual needs. You can see the graphic on their website (in Swedish!), and there’s also a version that opens out to show the services that fit within each level.

3. Revive – Brand animation video and brand book

With the help of PF, Caroline launched Revive Accounting earlier this year. To accompany the brand launch, our design team created this amazing brand animation.

It illustrates the journey Revive has been on, showing off the brand’s personality and identity. It shares Revive’s key messages to help ideal clients connect and build trust with the brand.

Along with the brand animation, we created Revive’s brand book.


This is a beautifully designed guide that details a brand’s values, imagery style, tone of voice, and all elements that make up your accounting firm’s brand. It serves as a guide for new team members, or anyone working on content and design items for your firm – so everything associated with your brand aligns with its values.

It’s been amazing to see Caroline live into her new brand. The rebrand has allowed her to only work with her ideal clients; those who really fit with what Revive believes in.

4. Ocelot – Journey of a content creator graphic

This year we worked with Max at Ocelot to create a graphic showing their client journey. It was some of the most fun and creative work we’ve done!


Through his “Journey of a content creator” graphic, Max is able to show his ideal audience (digital content creators) what their journey with Ocelot can look like. It helps them understand what stage they’re at, and how Ocelot can support them.

The graphic speaks directly to their ideal audience, using language and design that builds trust by showing them Ocelot understands who they are, what stage they’re at and how Ocelot can be the partner they need.

We’re excited to see what other beautiful assets we can work on with Max to design in 2023!

5. Walker Glantz – Blog post with policy templates

Walker Glantz frequently found themselves being asked, “How do I create a company cell phone policy for my business?”. We collaborated with them to create a blog answering this very question. It served as an opportunity to show off their expertise and knowledge, and to help those in their audience wanting to understand more about the topic.


Jamie, one of our CMM’s, and our team of content writers loved collaborating on this blog with the Walker Glantz team. They provided us with the key points they wanted to include in this blog, and their collaboration and input was fantastic to help the blog really speak to their ideal audience.

As well as directly answering the question, it provides policy templates with easy visuals which clients can use to determine what they need.

As we got stuck into writing it, it was clear there was potential for creating further assets to add value. It’s a fantastic way to give away sample policies, but without asking for too much effort from your client. Plus, having this blog post ready to send to their clients now means the Walker Glantz team have freed up the time they would have spent answering this repeat question!

6. Revel CPA – Website

Revel CPA’s website was a long time coming, and the result is incredible. We are so proud of Martin and his team for all the intentionality and hard work they put into building their new website. It’s a testament to their commitment to their clients and prospects.


A strong website is built with the best clients in mind, and serves as an opportunity to show off your brand. Revel’s new website helps potential clients identify themselves as a good (or not the right) fit, acting as a pre-qualifying process. It shows how Revel have levelled up their brand and their firm: they charge what they’re worth, and only work with clients they love.

7. Fearless Financials – Cornerstone graphic

Fearless Financials’ ideal audience is creative, independent business owners. We collaborated with Gillian to create their cornerstone that speaks directly to this audience.

Your cornerstone graphic is a visual summary of how you approach a core issue for your audience, and this is exactly what Fearless’s cornerstone does. It helps their ideal clients and prospects feel seen and understood by Gillian and her team, and quickly communicates that Fearless aren’t like traditional accountants.

We’re so proud of Gillian for harnessing her creative potential to connect with the clients she loves, and the PF creative studio loved working on the cornerstone to reflect this!

8. Reach CPA – Client case study

Fabien and his team collaborated with PF to capture the success story of how one of their clients transitioned from in-house accounting to outsourcing. It focuses on how Reach CPA’s expertise helped their client level up to become the local go-to in their industry, helping prospects in the same situation to decide if it’s right for them.


The story speaks directly to their ideal audience who may be considering outsourcing their accounting. It shows them that Reach CPA understands how they feel, the concerns they may have, and helps them evaluate if they’re ready to make the transition.

Best of all, it emphasises Reach CPA’s experience with these clients, building trust with new prospects in their ideal audience.

9. Red Earth – Redesign of web pages

As Red Earth have grown and changed over time, their brand has evolved to reflect this. The design of their website needed to reflect this in order to authentically showcase the levelled up brand.

The redesigned web pages speak directly to Red Earth’s ideal audience in a way they just didn’t before. Red Earth specialises in working with high-revenue businesses, and this is now clearly communicated in the website design and content.

We love how this project came together. It’s a great example that you can show the evolution of a brand without completely changing the brand itself. The new, levelled-up design is a huge step for Red Earth to attract more of their ideal clients.

10. Encurio – Cornerstone graphic

The PF designers collaborated with the team at Encurio to create a cornerstone graphic clearly laying out the journey for a client.


Encurio is the accounting partner in their clients’ corner, and they needed a clear cornerstone to reflect this process. The new visual clarifies for prospects how they get started and what’s coming next. It lets them know when to expect meetings and quotes, and helps build trust by managing expectations.

11. Raedan – Client case studies

Telling stories about your clients is one of the best ways to show your experience and build trust with your ideal audience.

Jonathan and his team at Raedan were hearing their clients share things like, “I didn’t know you offered that service”, or “I didn’t realise I could get that from an accountant”.

Our creative studio collaborated with Jonathan to build client stories that really showcase the support Raedan provides and how they guide their clients to success.


Prospects who may be considering working with Raedan are able to see how their expertise supported a business like theirs, giving them more confidence in the buying process.

12. The Fork CPAs – Website build

Last but certainly not least, we loved working with Raffi and his team at The Fork CPAs to launch their new website earlier this year.


Soon after rebranding their niche to The Fork CPAs, we worked on showcasing their stunning new brand on their website.

The punchy headline speaks directly to ambitious restaurateurs who don’t want to be burdened by the stress of their finances. Each page includes elements from their new brand, helping prospects quickly connect with The Fork CPAs and understand how they can help their business.

12 amazing achievements from 12 amazing PF clients!

It’s been an incredible journey helping our clients achieve marketing success this year, and we’ve loved seeing what they’ve been able to accomplish by working with the clients that bring them joy.

At PF we’re all about collaborating with accountants to help them unlock their creative potential through marketing. To begin your marketing journey and work with the clients you love, our Accelerator coaching group is a great starting point. To learn more about the next intake and how it can help your firm’s marketing, fill in our Discovery Diagnostic form and have the option to book a call with one of the team!