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You’re willing to love our niche (accountants)

Because we work exclusively and only with accountants, it’s critical that everyone on our team loves the opportunity to help accountants. It also helps if you get the accounting thing – so our clients don’t have to explain things like accounting software and apps – so having a background or experience in accounting or bookkeeping helps, although it’s not required.


Our Pillars: who we are and what we stand for

We have four pillars at the core of everything we do, and help us do it well. These stretch across the team and right through to the type of clients we work with.  Take a look at these before you apply for a position and see if we’re a fit.

All of our positions are remote.

We do care what country you’re in, depending on the role (this is for time zone and cultural reasons, as well as connecting with our UK based team), but you can work from anywhere in your area as long as you have good internet, meet deadlines, and communicate with us using our systems such as Slack and Basecamp.

Where in the world are the team based?

Our team serve accountants from locations all over the globe

Send us a video first!

Whether you’re ready to apply, or just exploring options with PF, start by sending us a video. We don’t care about CV’s or cover letters. Record a 3 minute video and send it to t[email protected], and tell us what type of role you want, and why you would be amazing in it.

Also great if you connect with us on all the socials – you’ll be the kind of person who can find all of them swiftly.

Current openings

When you do what you love, it's not really a job.

Interested in working with PF in future?

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