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Choose to give thanks. Always

This week is the American holiday of Thanksgiving. As a dual British-American citizen, it’s still a holiday I celebrate here in Scotland, and it really is one of my favourite holidays of all. Because the premise is: things are (or have been) very hard, so you gather together with family, eat good food and lots of it, and you give thanks for it all. For the food, the family and friends and tribe, and all the good things you’ve received or experienced even through the hard times.

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What does it cost to change my website template to a new template?

  While it may seem like a good idea to just pick a new website template from a platform like WordPress, Rocketspark, Squarespace or Wix just to “get it done” or keep costs down, it’s actually going to cost more in the long run. You can find out more about these costs in Do I […]

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Long way only (no shortcuts)

I’ve been having various levels of back pain for the past seven weeks.  (Just in case you don’t read the full note: don’t worry. I’ve seen a doctor, several physios, and am doing the work, and it is getting better. It’s just slow. That’s sort of the point of the note.)  When it first started, […]

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I want to outsource my marketing, but I’ve had a bad experience with a marketing company in the past

One of the most common fears we hear from our clients when they get started with us is the fear of failure. Of everything going wrong. Of spending lots of money on marketing and it not working. Unfortunately, for many of our clients, these fears stem from a negative experience they had with marketing professionals […]

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Choosing personal pillars and values (and how this helps a team)

Not long after I set up PF, I identified what I saw as the core foundational “pillars” of the company. Things I personally stood for and what I wanted the agency to stand for, too. Those are creativity, integrity, generosity, and rest. (For a while there was one called “service”, but I decided that was less of […]

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What to do when you want to start a marketing project, but don’t have the budget

You know you need this marketing…thing. A new website. A refreshed (or entirely new) brand. Monthly outsourced marketing. Social media support. Custom pages for your proposals. Whatever it is. Maybe you had an amazing meeting and you got all excited and YES THIS IS WHAT I NEED and they said they’d go away and put […]

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Accountants, you are creative too

I believe all humans are creative. It’s a quality we all have – innately from being humans – no matter what our role or job or how we perceive our fit into society. I believe a creative God created humans, and we reflect that creativity and have these creative qualities from long before we even know anything about ourselves. And as a qualified accountant myself, who then set up a creative agency to support and help accountants, it took me many years to realise those two things were the beauty – and conflict – of this agency I run.

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