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Don’t just create content: build assets

As an accountant, you’ve started creating content like never before. You’re sending emails, recording videos, writing blog posts, creating website pages, setting up Facebook groups. You’re just..helping people. Communicating. Giving your take, your perspective, your thoughts, your feelings. “Here’s what we know – and we’ll be talking to you about it personally as soon as […]

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What are the ideal image dimensions
when posting on social media?

  Choosing the best image for your social post is one thing but getting your image to look good on all your social media platforms can be frustrating. You might find your image looks perfect on Facebook but ends up looking weird and cropped when posted on Twitter.   We know that as accountants you regularly […]

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How do I stay connected to the team and get to know them better?

A coworker of mine (not naming any names but rhymes with “baron sleigh turn”) mentioned she once had a job where they exchanged secret Santa gifts.  She received a pink coffee mug filled with chocolates that said “I love chocolate” on the side. Sounds nice eh? My coworker hates pink and barely likes chocolate.   So […]

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How to record a video for your clients (or anyone) during coronavirus time

(A 10 point guide) Think of that question everyone keeps asking you Pull out your phone Hold it in front of your face Hit record Start talking Say everything you need to say on the subject, and then stop Press stop Hit the share button, and choose the social platform you use the most (or […]

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How and where do I share my Zoom webinar recording?

Many of you accountants are (and you never imagined THIS before the current climate!) running Zoom webinars for your clients with helpful information about COVID-19 (or more specifically all the rules and regulations – or lack thereof – in relation to this crisis). Now you want to share that recording. Here are a few tips […]

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How to keep up team morale during difficult times

Phew.  What a long year this week has been! Do you feel me? Accountants we talked to this week are tired, with the weight of their clients hanging heavily on their shoulders.  You have a dual burden of aching and longing to help ALL the people coupled with the global anxiety of the world and […]

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How remote working will test and prove your firm’s values

So everyone is working from home now and there are so many tips. So much advice being given about how to use this well and how to manage your team and what apps to use and what tech to use and how to make sure you stay productive and keep the enthusiasm high and replace […]

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Keep seeing your image posts on social cut-off? Learn about our recommended image dimensions in this week's marketing tip!

test Twitter Media - Keep seeing your image posts on social cut-off? Learn about our recommended image dimensions in this week's marketing tip!

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