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The two levels of success in work: hard work + yes, to creativity + rest

At the beginning it’s “hard work, and saying yes to just about everything”. This is how you succeed.

You move to working less, and saying no to almost everything. Hard work you replace with creativity (the ability to see opportunity) plus risk (the willingness to go for it). And instead of saying yes to almost everything, you work on saying no to almost everything.

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The art of asking questions

There is SO much more to question asking (and answering) than we realise. As the owner of a creative agency whose purpose involves understanding our clients better so we can help them create better marketing…asking questions is one of the most important skills we have.

How we ask questions and how we listen, can entirely change the answers we receive.

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How do I launch a new service for my accounting firm?

Your accounting firm is launching a new service and you want to tell clients and prospects ALL about it. You’re tempted to email your database and tell them about your new service. Hurry, we have a new service! It’s great! Buy now! You think you’ll craft an email to tell them what it does and […]

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The DIY video process for accountants: Lighting, audio, and editing

Recording videos for your accounting firm feels difficult (or even impossible), and facing this task as an accountant feels even harder. You didn’t set out in your accounting business to be a videographer, but you’re starting to realise how powerful video is for your clients, your prospects, and for the future of your firm. You […]

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What’s the best app to post to the majority of socials in one go?

Posting your content to social media takes time, and you know there are apps which can do it all at once for you. Saving time, reaching more people… it’s a win win, right? So which app do you choose? There are many apps which can do the job…but before we dive into recommendations, you have […]

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Whose opinion really matters when getting feedback on my content?

Putting content you created out into the world can feel a little scary. It can feel a lot scary. Lots of times we hear from accountants who fear sharing blogs they’ve written, videos they’ve recorded, social posts they’ve crafted. And most of the time when we get to the heart of it, it’s because they’re […]

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How to choose the right stock imagery

Finding the right images to support your marketing is difficult. And having so many sources to choose from makes it even harder! But as you may already know, including good quality imagery consistent with your brand is a way to build trust with your buyer and help them decide even faster that you’re the firm […]

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