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How to name your PDF guide so people actually want to read it

OK, so you need a “lead magnet”. One of those PDF guides like “10 ways to improve your cash flow” – maybe for good measure, “…to improve your cash flow during the Covid crisis”. There. Bam. You’ve got a PDF guide, a title, and all you need is to throw in a few things you’ve […]

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Be the sharp knife

You know what’s more dangerous than a really sharp knife? A dull one. This week I was chopping walnuts with my favourite red kitchen knife, which my sister gave me for Christmas years ago. Probably more years than I even realise, because lately it hasn’t been chopping as cleanly and I kept thinking, “I’ll need […]

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What marketing numbers does your accounting firm need to track and why?

There are a lot of marketing analytics out there, an infinite amount it seems. So choosing which ones to track can be a challenge. It may even lead you to wonder why bother tracking any at all? Or even worse, you may keep trying different marketing actions based on only a few numbers. Potentially losing […]

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How to manage the problem of having too many prospects

Having too many prospects: what a wonderful problem to have, right? But the way you deal with this can affect your conversion of the right prospects.  It’s okay not to take on everyone straight away. We know you may feel like you are turning business away but if you put pressure on yourself, your team […]

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7 Design tips to improve your Canva images

  Well designed images within your social media posts build buyer trust. The better your posts are and more consistent with your brand, the faster your buyers will take action. Since you only have around 5 seconds to make an impression, you want it to be a good one. On social media especially, you only […]

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How do I find a marketing manager that fits my accounting firm?

You’ve made the decision to hire a marketing manager so you can focus on advising clients and managing staff. What is the practical next step to take to find a marketing manager? You know you have the time to spend up-front in training. You’re tracking your marketing budget and results and know you’re ready to […]

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How do I write blogs when I’m not in the mood?

Writing is a creative thing. It’s often the reason as an accountant you think you’re not a writer (or not a good writer) – as if you have to “be creative” to be a writer. The fact is, every human being is creative. And accountants are no exception. You’ve got creativity within you just as […]

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