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How do I get new ideas for content when I feel like I’ve exhausted my list?

“Content marketing is simply the act of teaching and problem-solving so as to earn buyer trust.”   But what happens when the content well runs dry?  You’ve answered all your clients’ questions and new clients keep asking the same ones.    Well, first, hurrah for you because you’ve created a stockpile of content so good you are […]

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Our 7 stage hiring process: Using marketing principles to get the best employees for your accounting firm

Hiring is exciting. You’re taking on new clients and you (and your team) literally can’t handle the work. Yay! Growth! Hiring is scary. You’ve either hired people who haven’t worked out, or you know someone who has. Some stories are very, very bad. When you start out hiring, or if you’re using the old ‘gut feel’ […]

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What do I do if I want a new brand
but can’t afford it?

Congratulations! You’ve done some marketing soul searching and come to the realisation you need a new brand. You’ve broken down the wall and now admit that something about your brand or logo isn’t resonating with the right people, or communicating what it needs to.  But here lies the “problem”. You’ve heard that developing a brand […]

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7 practical tips to help accountants be natural on camera

Recording video is hard. You rarely think about ‘how to be natural’ day to day and yet when that little red light goes on suddenly something changes and you’re under pressure.  It’s understandable, as there are a lot of considerations. “Is what I’m saying making sense? Do I appear professional enough? Does anybody care what […]

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Hard-but-good reading (or learning)

Recently in an Insta story I mentioned I was reading the book “Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown, and said it was “hard but good”. I had several messages almost instantly from a variety of people asking, Why is it hard?  Whenever that happens it’s an indicator to me that I’ve hit on something that […]

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What is a cornerstone piece of content and how do I use it?

As you continue to create your own unique, client focused content, you begin to notice patterns relating to the content you create. There are key problems faced by your clients over, and over, and over again. And the advice you give them often returns to a few key points around which you base more detailed […]

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I will not let the dark days (of winter) bring me down

It’s winter, and that means darkness. I live in Scotland, and in the summer it’s almost never dark at all. The sun comes up so early (and so calmly) that you hardly even notice – even if you stay up or get up to watch it, there’s just sort of a general lightening of the […]

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