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The accidental marathon: you are capable of more than you know

I walked a literal marathon last Saturday. I wanted to go walking and exploring – i have a list on my phone of places I want to explore, which I haven’t been able to travel to for the past year. And now the travel ban has been lifted I’m heading out as often as I can.

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Can I write my accounting firms’ website copy myself?

Getting a new website built is a big investment. While there are plenty of free DIY platforms to build a site on, and lots of free image libraries, you still need the words, too. When it comes to website copy, there’s far more to it than simply words. Doing it yourself may seem like the […]

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A year in numbers

2020 was one of the most uncertain years in history and the world is now a different place because of it. And yet through it all we saw something remain the same: marketing. At least, the kind of marketing which is about helping people. That is the best kind of marketing: helping people and sharing […]

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What is the best website hosting option for my accounting firm website?

What on earth does website hosting even mean? You know (or you know now on reading this) you need it for your website, and it seems important…and it also seems like a whole hazy technology sector you’re not even sure you have the capacity or interest in understanding… and can someone please just tell you […]

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Keep doing the invisible work

I got distracted this week. I had brilliant new ideas about how to help our clients and a message I wanted to make sure we get across, and ended up spending most of a day working on a video and some content on this topic and all the new ideas when really…I would have done better to just keep going on the projects I’ve got before me.

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How do I use YouTube for my accounting firm?

You are an accountant who has been doing video, and you’re thinking of using YouTube to level up your video game. To bring more awareness of your accounting firm and help the right people find you. You’re on the right track, my video creating friend, and getting started on this journey earlier is better than […]

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The two levels of success in work: hard work + yes, to creativity + rest

At the beginning it’s “hard work, and saying yes to just about everything”. This is how you succeed.

You move to working less, and saying no to almost everything. Hard work you replace with creativity (the ability to see opportunity) plus risk (the willingness to go for it). And instead of saying yes to almost everything, you work on saying no to almost everything.

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