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What do you do to prequalify a lead (so the best ones sign up and the worst ones go away)?

You just got a new lead. Maybe even a few of them. How do you respond? YAY! New lead! They look great – this kind of company, this kind of enquiry, more profits for me, all is well!! Nope. Ugh – don’t like this lead, don’t want it, go away. Not another one!! We actually […]

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How to move onboarding from your head to an actual process

So you’ve got an idea of your onboarding process and are excited to put it into action (if you don’t have one yet, check out our onboarding kit). Then you ask yourself, how do I get started? What pages and forms do I need? Will the process be manual or automated? The list goes on. […]

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Do I need to block out a full day at a time to get marketing done?

Right, you’re going to be serious now. You’re going to focus your energy and attention on marketing a bit more (maybe this is your 2021 plan).  But you know marketing always gets put off. You plan an hour or some time to “do marketing” and then you get emails and messages and phone calls and […]

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Shop independently this (and every) Christmas

As 2020 draws to a close, we can all agree it has been a tough year for many, and in so many ways. As a small business ourselves and having the pleasure of working with small businesses, we’ve seen businesses showcase their exceptional entrepreneurial skills – turning their talents to different crafts such as producing […]

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Why branding is one of the most important things for an accountant to understand

How many times have you walked into a situation and felt like you should know something that you don’t? Think about school when the teacher asked you to read a book the week before, and you never managed to open the book. When the teacher threw out a pop quiz, you felt unprepared and even […]

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Great places to order branded merchandise for your accounting firm

When you’ve recently rebranded, and are incredibly proud of the way your new brand shows who your accounting firm truly is, it’s time to show off that brand in a whole variety of merch. But choosing a supplier for great merchandise (or swag) is an important decision. You want high quality of whatever it is […]

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Choose to give thanks. Always

This week is the American holiday of Thanksgiving. As a dual British-American citizen, it’s still a holiday I celebrate here in Scotland, and it really is one of my favourite holidays of all. Because the premise is: things are (or have been) very hard, so you gather together with family, eat good food and lots of it, and you give thanks for it all. For the food, the family and friends and tribe, and all the good things you’ve received or experienced even through the hard times.

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