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When is my accounting firm ready for paid social or google ads?

Paid social can be enticing. The promise of leads, bought and paid for delivered to your website is attractive for sure but if done prematurely it can be a drain on your time and money with little to no results. So when as an accounting firm are you REALLY ready to take the plunge? Paid […]

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Try sitting in the same place at the same time every day

The most significant change happens in small increments, day after day. Month after month, year after year. In the past year, I’ve lost over 52 pounds (almost 4 stone) by counting calories every single day. Walking, every single day. Cutting out sugar, and choosing not to eat it every single day. In the past 6 […]

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How to record video with screen share for your clients

“People buy from humans.” You hear this all the time. Your prospects need to know what it will be like to work with you, which means showing them who you truly are (a human with interests, imperfections, and strengths) from the moment they visit your website, get your proposal, or interact with you on social […]

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Business is personal, but pricing doesn’t have to be

Let’s say you’ve made really good progress in understanding your own worth, and value. You’ve addressed the services you offer, and what you charge for them – and maybe even your entire brand, too. Whether you’ve literally rebranded, with a new name or logo or identity, or are just doing the hard work that sits […]

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How do I organise my content ideas so I know what to write, and when?

You may be writing more than usual at the moment, even if it’s just a few blogs or emails, because it feels urgent, considering what’s going on in the world.  Accountants have seen some incredible results lately as a result of continually providing relevant content to their target audience. New leads and sales, increased income […]

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Golden Ticket! Win a free space on the Accelerator

*Did you win a golden ticket code?? Use it here – remember it’s a one time use!* This year, to recognise the immense effort being made by accountants all over the world to create content (particularly during these times), we are going to GIVE AWAY five free spaces on the 12 week Accelerator course. This […]

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Why you’re not doing that Thing – video, blog, personal social posts…

Yesterday I realised for about the third time in two days I spoke to an accountant who had something they weren’t doing, but really wanted to, but they keep not doing it. Like… recording video (at all, or consistently) sharing things that are a little more personal (emotions, mental health, fear, strong feelings about something […]

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