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How much of the buying decision is made before my prospect gets in touch with me?

We don’t buy like we used to. And neither do your prospects. Ten years ago, we would make our buying decisions based on things like gut feel, word of mouth and price.  We visited shops and browsed. We chatted to our friends and found out what they had purchased or signed up for and what […]

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You’re not “just tired”. There’s always something else.

Some days, or parts of days, you’re just not productive. You’re not targeting your goals or firing on all cylinders or crushing it. You’re not reading impactful books or watching helpful documentaries. You’re not going to the gym or cooking a healthy meal or having insightful conversations.  You’re just…tired.  Or are you?  Are you ever […]

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How much time and energy DOES brand work take? I don’t want to start and then not finish

What happens when you realise your brand isn’t truly reflecting who you are…but you know the process of change will take a long time? And you’re not sure if you’re ready (with everything else you’ve got going on right now)?  Your brand is, at its core, the summary of who you are and who you […]

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Marketing manager needed

My company needs a marketing manager.  I’m hijacking my Karen’s notes this week to ask for your help. No matter how much we do in terms of recruitment, the best hires often come from someone knowing someone else.  We’re firm on what we want (and don’t want) at PF, we have a fairly intensive hiring […]

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How to be yourself on social and stop overthinking.

Ahhhh social media. That old chestnut again. It’s not about whether or not you need to use it; it’s about the rules of engagement.  Much like going to the gym, you’re thinking: how often is enough? What do I use? Will I look stupid? When all you REALLY want is to just be healthy. Here’s […]

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What to do when you get one of those heart-racing emails

You know when you get one of those emails or texts that gets your heart really racing?  Something has gone wrong or has been difficult with someone (from a friend to a client to a supplier or whoever), and you’ve been communicating with them for a little while. And at first you were okay, just […]

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How do I know if I’m ready to work with a business or app I met at an event?

It’s the start of ‘event season’ for our clients and friends in the accounting industry. Whether you’re gearing up for the popular events like Xerocon or Thriveal, or travelling to a smaller events like “Accountants are Creative Too”, you’ll hear about products and services that you think could be game changing for your business.  When […]

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