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I don’t get engagement from the team on writing content. What do I do?

Your accounting firm’s success in marketing is directly relatable to the involvement of your team with that marketing.  But what if your team isn’t really keen on actually writing (or creating) content?  Blog posts. Social media. Recording videos. What if it’s not their skill area? What if they just don’t feel like it? What if […]

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Why bother creating brand guidelines
for your accounting firm?

It’s SO important for your firm to have brand guidelines in place so all your marketing is consistent and gives the same impression to your target audience about who you are, your authority and expertise. It makes any content or design work easier and faster to create too – for you, your team, or your […]

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When is the time to decide social media is not delivering results for my accounting firm?

Running social media campaigns can be demoralising. You’re posting regularly, just like you’ve been told to, but you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for. Maybe it’s time to knock it all on the head and start concentrating on other channels? Probably not. Developing your social media channels is like building a pyramid. When at […]

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Managing a remote team to build community and stay connected

At PF, we don’t really have offices. We’ve got an address in the UK, and we go there every month or two for meetings and connecting with our accountants, but day to day, the team members work all over. From home or a coffee shop or a cave on an island or wherever they want […]

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How to give valuable feedback to your marketing team

Whether you’ve got an outsourced team or someone in your office managing your marketing, it’s important to provide feedback in the right way so it saves time and effort for you and your marketing team. It ultimately gets you to the finished product you had envisioned (or perhaps not envisioned). Because of this, your feedback […]

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6 ways to start (or continue) to learn marketing into 2020

This is a pre-emptive blog post. Right now most of you are head down in tax work, trying to fend off everything else that dares to get in your way. Stay strong.  I know from experience once taxes are done and you’re back in the land of the living again – you’re going to want […]

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How do I get new ideas for content when I feel like I’ve exhausted my list?

“Content marketing is simply the act of teaching and problem-solving so as to earn buyer trust.”   But what happens when the content well runs dry?  You’ve answered all your clients’ questions and new clients keep asking the same ones.    Well, first, hurrah for you because you’ve created a stockpile of content so good you are […]

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