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Better, not more: Helping your marketing draw in the right people (and send the wrong ones away)

Good marketing isn’t about getting more leads. Even if you think you want more leads, often what you really want is less hassle and trouble on the marketing front. You’d like that beautiful drip feed of the best kind of clients who don’t need six emails, four meetings, two videos, and three revised quotes to […]

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December 2021: Spreading some holiday cheer

  You have pushed through some really tough things this year and are feeling ready to be completely “off off”. You need the rest. And it’s time to enjoy it. You’ve shown up day after day, week after week for your clients and spent another year guiding them through really difficult times. For that we are so […]

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How to test your new great idea for your accounting firm

You started your own accounting firm because you have the entrepreneurial spirit. You’re agile. You continually think creatively about ways to grow, expand and bring more revenue into the business. When you get to the point of an entirely new service line, a new brand, a new niche, or something BIG, you get excited. Whether […]

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How to launch a new brand internally in your accounting firm

You’re busy going through a rebrand and you can’t wait to show it to the world. Before you do so, the first people who need to experience your new brand are your team. They’re the ones who will be living out your brand day to day so they need to understand it and see how […]

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How can I improve my blogs and make them more engaging?

You know what it’s like when you really connect with a piece of content. You’re engaged with a blog, you’re hanging on every word of a podcast, you’re frantically retweeting a relatable tweet. You’ve found the answer to your question and it just clicks. A shared knowledge bomb, idea or opinion unlocks your struggle in […]

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November 2021: Share a ‘thank you’ for your clients

I’m writing this while sipping my first festive coffee of the season… a Caramel Waffle Latte. Delicious. This month was Thanksgiving for our clients and team members in the USA and with Christmas fast approaching (only 25 days to go!), we felt this was a good month to reflect on and share what it is […]

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How do I choose a tagline for my accountancy firm?

You’re working on your brand and you have a tagline you’ve thrown around for awhile, or a member of the PF team throws out an idea and you’re wondering – do I need a tagline? How could I use it? Will it make marketing easier? And, most importantly, how do I come up with a […]

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