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What actually is a tone of voice? How do I figure out what my firm’s voice is?

  When people visit your website, read your blogs and see your social posts, they get an impression of the personality of your firm and of the people within it. This impression is formed in part by the visual elements of your brand – your logo, design, images, colours. And it is also influenced by […]

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How involved do your team need to be in your accounting firm marketing?

Recognising the responsibility you hold for your accounting firm’s marketing is one thing. Starting to create content, or be more involved in it, is another.  Involving your team is a whole different question. How much do your team members really want to be involved in marketing, anyway? After all, they’ve been hired as an accountant, […]

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How to use Canva to create your own branded social posts

Creating your own branded social media posts is one of the many ways you can contribute to your marketing quickly and effectively. We love it when accountants are looking for ways to involve yourself in your own marketing! The more brand consistency you have across your posts, the quicker you build trust with your audience […]

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Why marketing isn’t the thing to cut, when you get busy

There could be a number of reasons you’re considering putting marketing on pause. You might be feeling a little out of control due to the loss of a big client (or several clients), feeling like there’s other areas of the business you need to focus on. Maybe you think you already have too many clients […]

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You may not be wowed by your logo, and that’s okay.

When you get a logo designed, you are ready and waiting for it to AMAZE you. You’ve done the brand strategy work…if you’re working with PF you’ve gone through Accelerator and learned about brand and values and audience and messaging…you are excited and it’s going to be the best ever!! …but what happens if it’s […]

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Do I need to be marketing if I don’t want new clients?

You’ve got enough work. You don’t really need any more clients right now, and in fact you’re pretty overwhelmed dealing with the ones you have. You’ve got *plenty* of business. So how is marketing going to help you? Isn’t the purpose of marketing to bring you new leads? That feels like the *last* thing you […]

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Why do I need to hire for both skills and values?

Especially within the past 6 months or so, accountants are looking for your people. Employees who love what they do, are good accountants, and will help you serve your clients as you grow. Because you are busier than you’ve ever been. Throughout the global crisis, businesses have recognized more than ever they need a good […]

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