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Hard-but-good reading (or learning)

Recently in an Insta story I mentioned I was reading the book “Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown, and said it was “hard but good”. I had several messages almost instantly from a variety of people asking, Why is it hard?  Whenever that happens it’s an indicator to me that I’ve hit on something that […]

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What is a cornerstone piece of content and how do I use it?

As you continue to create your own unique, client focused content, you begin to notice patterns relating to the content you create. There are key problems faced by your clients over, and over, and over again. And the advice you give them often returns to a few key points around which you base more detailed […]

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I will not let the dark days (of winter) bring me down

It’s winter, and that means darkness. I live in Scotland, and in the summer it’s almost never dark at all. The sun comes up so early (and so calmly) that you hardly even notice – even if you stay up or get up to watch it, there’s just sort of a general lightening of the […]

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Use storytelling to simplify your firm’s message and move prospects to action

Storytelling isn’t all about you. Before we get into specific tips on how to use the storytelling framework, it’s important to understand the power of story doesn’t mean the power of your story. It’s not about filling your website with your firm’s story. Don’t fall into the ‘me, me, me’ trap of trying to be […]

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It’s a nice problem to have…but it’s still a problem.

Has this ever been said to you? When you tell someone about a problem you’re facing right now, something like…. …you’ve got too many prospects to follow up on, and they’re all good. …your offices are getting too small, because you’ve been growing so fast and there are too many team members now. …you’ve been […]

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Does your brand cause people to hesitate, or hurry up?

You can get business even though you have an ugly logo. People can still decide to work with you even if your accountancy firm name is boring, or your website is indistinguishable from most other (bland) accounting firm sites, or you aren’t creating fresh regular content. It can happen. It just will take much longer […]

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Deep work: it’s hard (and I didn’t even do very much of it)

When I buy a book, I do this very odd thing where for a good few months (or even a year or more) I talk about the concept as if I know what I’m talking about….before I read the book. I’m not sure why I do that. Maybe it’s preparing my mind to read. No […]

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