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June 2023: The power of storytelling in your marketing

June’s PF marketing update brings an enjoyable and brilliant day in London at Lab Live, pre orders of the The Accountant Marketer (which are now open) and another group of creative accountants graduated from Accelerator! WOOP!


PF Lab LIVE in London!

It was a joy to spend the day at Lab Live with some of our creative and collaborative clients! The focus of the day was using the power of storytelling in your marketing and we spent the time:

  • Sharing and listening to stories
  • Learning about the marketing and content considerations you need to make when creating and sharing stories
  • Taking action by starting to build the structure of a client success story

…plus lots of laughter, great food and good conversations!

The big takeaways from the day included accountants recognising they have permission to be human in their marketing and that we all have the ability to be good storytellers and to be creative.

Watch this 1 min 30 sec video to hear what Patrick, owner of Scotch Accounting, took from the day!

And for now, I’ll leave you with some more pics!


PF marketing PF marketing PF marketing PF marketing



‘The Accountant Marketer’ pre orders: NOW LIVE!

Pre orders of Karen’s new book, The Accountant Marketer, are NOW LIVE!

This book is for any accountant who is curious about how to help your clients better and to share the culture you’re building within your accounting firm. It’s a summary of the training and marketing approach every accountant needs.

Pre ordering means you immediately get links to:

  • Download the introduction and first chapter
  • The Master Accountant Marketer workbook, from which you can save your own copy to work on your actions
  • An exclusive workshop on Marketing Rhythms (and how to implement what you read) with the author

Pre-order the Paperback here: We’ll post a print copy of the book to you at the address you provide on the form, by publish date (currently scheduled for 29 September 2023).

Pre-order the Ebook here: This will be delivered via Amazon/Kindle on 3 October or earlier. You can go directly to Amazon to preorder, but to access your free bonuses you’ll need to use the link above.



Events: ideas for little yet powerful details

We’re fresh from planning and running Lab Live, and we’ve already started plans for the Accountant Marketer book launch (more on that to come soon)!

When planning any kind of event, it’s easy to miss or skim past the little details.

These can often have the MOST impact on your guest’s experience.

Here are some of the smaller details we included at our Lab Live event which you can consider for yours too:

ACTION CARDS: We gave out cards and asked everyone to write down 3 actions they’re going to work on over the next month and we’ll post it back to them then. This helps with accountability and reminds them of what a great day they had!

DESIGNS FOR SOCIAL: Design custom social media stickers, story filters and hashtags and encourage those attending to share them on their own accounts

RELEVANT SWAG: Give our swag items which really CONNECT with the day. Our theme was storytelling so we gave out a notepad (for the storytelling action sessions), a pen (with the message ‘You are creative’ so our clients are always reminded of that) and a packet of sunflower seeds (as their storytelling flourishes, so can their flowers!)

DELICIOUS LUNCH: Seems obvious but by putting care and attention to what food you serve and when, can make a difference to an experience (or at least, it does for me!)

We’d love to hear any ideas you have for small detail at events!


marketing and operations


Using storytelling to simply your firm’s message

One of the main takeaways Erin (PF’s senior content writer) shared at Lab Live was the reminder that stories are a fundamental part of how we communicate as humans.

They give you the opportunity to simplify and communicate your firm’s message and help your prospective clients to see themselves in your story. They help you to communicate the solutions you offer, by showing them you understand and can help them.

Stories help your audience to want to build a relationship with you.

Many of the accountants in the room shared that they hadn’t realised how much they were already “storytelling”. A quick chat with a with client, a few emails back and forth with a prospect or a conversation about an outstanding porposal. These are all opportunities to tell stories and to simplify your firm’s message and offering.

Here’s an example from our Operations Director, Alice, who wrote a love story last month focused on the relationship between marketing and operations.

Alice wanted to communicate and educate on how closely connected these two divisions need to be in your accounting firm. She recognised that operations isn’t always the most exciting topic to read about and so she instead turned it into a modern day love story and shared her experience of working with PF’s marketing team!

You can read the full love story here!



New group starting 14 September 2023

Sharing stories in your marketing is a lot more difficult when you aren’t sure about:

1. Who the story is for

2. What the purpose of the story is

Your audience need to be the hero of your story. But if you don’t know who your ideal clients are, and what type of businesses and people you’d like to work with, it’s hard to put them at the centre of your story.

Our 12-week coaching group Accelerator helps you to do both. You’ll start off with identifying who you’re speaking to (your audience) and what problems you know you can help them with (their issues). From there, you’ll work through all the elements of your marketing which help you to get in front of and connect with those prospects you know you can do good work for and who you enjoy working with.

The next group starts on 14th September 2023 and spaces are now OPEN! We do take a limited number of people on for each group so book your space soon to avoid missing out.

Here’s what our most recent Accelerator graduates shared with us:

“When I signed up for Accelerator, I knew I’d learn about content marketing, and I did. What I didn’t expect, and have been surprised and pleased to discover, is that I’d also learn about running a better business and a better firm. I’ve been challenged with my pricing and onboarding – do I always price consistently? Not all the time. Is my onboarding consistent, and the best it can be? There are opportunities to make it better.” – Andrew McVinish, Xlon Advisory

“Accelerator has helped me to define my target market in a clearer way than it was before and it’s helped me see in what direction I want to go.” – Curtis Hardwick, Hardwick & Co

“I love how Accelerator takes each individual element and makes it approachable. The structure is now my go to mindset when it comes to creating a piece of content.” – Jack Parsons, Burton Sweet

I loved the input from the whole PF team: you’re all so passionate and live out the values at PF. It feels like such a good community you’ve built and I love that.” – Josh Kingston, Burton Sweet

We’d love to see you in the next group!


That’s everything from us for this month! If there’s a question we haven’t answered yet, or you’re not sure where to find it, just let us know and we’ll look after you. And keep up the really great work.

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