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The Marketing Map

What to do, and in what order

Starting marketing is all very well. But what’s the best order, and why? Based on the success (and failure) of accounting firms we’ve known, this is our recommendation of the order in which you do marketing. Here’s Karen to explain why.

Where did it come from?

When we looked at the accounting firms getting the best results over the long term, we saw patterns in what they did (compared to those who were not getting great results). Those patterns are reflected in this marketing map. It shows you what to do, and in what order, so you get a drip feed of the very best kind of clients (you almost don’t know where they come from). Some of these firms have too many great leads, so we’re working with them on building waiting lists!

Marketing Map (detailed)The best place to start is by identifying which of the three foundational areas gives you the most challenge right now. Then work with us one-on-one by focusing in that area to start:

Branding workshop

Website workshop

Marketing planning workshop

Or if you want to address all three, book a Foundations Workshop and we’ll cover brand, website, and marketing plan (as well as goals).

Marketing Map webinar

This webinar takes you right through the map: helping you see how you can reach that dream place of a drip feed of really high quality leads coming through. You’ll also see what these firm’s did well, and not so well (so you don’t waste time making the same mistakes).

Here's what it's like to work with PF on your journey

Where am I on the map?

Tell us about your existing marketing efforts, and what you wish you could be doing more of. You’ll get a report with some instant recommendations, and we’ll be in touch!