Camilla Duggan

Camilla Duggan

Head of content

Working as a waitress is where my love for marketing really started – a poor student Writer by day, serving up food in a local best-kept-secret restaurant by night. This is where I learnt my earliest lessons about buyer behaviour, persuasion, upselling, and storytelling – and most importantly, that even the best word of mouth can be amplified with a digital presence. Many years, and several marketing jobs (in a few industries) later, I found myself at an Accountancy practice in Kent, where I was challenged to ‘do the impossible’ – to smash the stereoptype of the traditional accountant. And just like the restaurant all those years ago, I went to work to put the local best-kept-secret on the map. Now, working with PF I get to use my creativity* and what I’ve learnt about the challenges Accountants face, to serve up Content Marketing strategy to firms who are passionate about dishing out real value to their clients.

*said creativity is sponsored by good coffee, and a love for learning and trying new things from activities, to food, to languages, books and podcasts.

If I’m not at my desk, I’m probably out running (for exercise or for a flat white).

My personal pillars are:

My two core life values are Exploration and Wholeheartedness.

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