Get your custom social media template (and book) with Accelerator

When you sign up for the next Accelerator coaching group by 31st January 2023, you get FREE BONUS STUFF included with your space! Hooray!

As an accountant and business owner, you likely have some knowledge of marketing. You occasionally post on social media, have written a few blog posts, or maybe you update your website now and then.

You do random “marketing stuffs” every now and again. It’s reactive, not proactive and it stops every time you get busy. This means you need to stir it up again every time which takes more time, more motivation and often means you don’t get anything done at all.

Accelerator has been crafted to solve this exact problem for accountants.

By the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll understand how the different elements of marketing don’t stand alone. How they instead work together and integrate with everything you do in your firm.

Accelerator is your place to stay focused, move faster in your marketing and actually get marketing DONE. (You can read more about what Accelerator is and how it helps accountants here).

P.s Want to know how Accelerator has helped other accountants? Check out Karen’s Kennedy’s story.

Here’s the BONUS STUFF details you need!

1. Custom designed social media template (value = £285)

The more brand consistency you have across your social media posts, the quicker you build trust with your audience and the faster your buyers take action.

To help you be consistent, the PF design team will create you a fully custom social media template to be used exclusively by your firm. The template will be customised to your firm’s branding (colours, logo, fonts, style) and you’ll be able to edit it as many times as you want. This means your social media posts will always be on brand and all you need to do is update the words each time.

You might be thinking, “this all sounds great, but I don’t fully understand what it is I’m actually getting…”

We hear you!

Here are some examples of custom templates our design team have created for previous Accelerator members:


Canva designed social media template with placeholder text Canva custom social media template with placeholder text Canva custom social media template with placeholder text

Alex, owner of DigiM, wanted a template which he could use to showcase blogs he was writing during Accelerator and to share photos and updates about his team.

You can see more examples of his templates in action on their Instagram!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by DigiM (@digim_redovisning)


Praddy Financial Consultancy Limited

Custom social media template for Facebook with placeholder text 

Praddy and his team at PFC have been using their template to answer questions they’re commonly asked by prospects. This helps to show their expertise and build relationship with their ideal audience. Check out their Facebook for more!



SPS Accountancy

Canva custom social media template in pink and purple Canva custom social media template in pink and purple

Sarah wanted her template to be created for so she could share blog posts, kind words from clients and helpful tips for her ideal audience!


2. A copy of ‘They Ask You Answer’ (value = £14)

Since the beginning of Accelerator, this book has remained one of the core books we recommend any accountant who’s doing content marketing reads. It will have a significant impact on you and your team when it comes to writing blogs and creating content for your accounting firm.

(If you’ve already got a copy, good for you! We’ll send you another book from our list of top business books).

“I’ve had the realisation I can work ONLY with clients I want to work with, and do the work I really want to be doing.”

I always thought I had to be everything to everyone…do all the accounting work to everybody who needed it. I was overwhelmed at the thought of having clients who I don’t know how to do the work for or it wasn’t the type of work I wanted to do. That changed when I came across PF and signed up for Accelerator. Now I know I don’t need to do it and I can actually turn away work.

If anyone is hesitating about doing Accelerator, DON’T… just sign up and do it – best decision I’ve made in a long time.” – Caroline Burns, Accelerator graduate

The next coaching group starts on 23rd February 2023 and we’d love to see you there! Here’s a quick recap of what’s included when you join Group Accelerator:

  • Group onboarding session with the PF team
  • 13 live coaching sessions (12 elements + 1 bonus session)
  • Live review & practical exercises during sessions
  • Full Accountant Marketer workbook in Gsheet format
  • Active review of any content you create during the group
  • Opportunity to ask questions about how this applies to your firm
  • One to one coaching session with Karen (founder)
  • 30 minute “Unstuck session” every week (your opportunity to ask more questions about how this applies to your firm)
  • Free website review by our PF team

Join the group by the 31st January 2023 and get this BONUS STUFF included with your space! Sign up here!


P.s If you’ve got questions you want answered, take a look at the FAQs page!