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How much time will I need to invest?

The bare minimum is 1 hour per week attending the live sessions. We also strongly recommend you spend an additional 1 hour per week working through your Accountant Marketer workbook.

Accelerator graduates recommend blocking out 30 minutes to 1 hour directly after the session to work on your challenge while all your learnings are still fresh in your mind!

What if I join and then don't do anything?

You might have signed up for a group or course, or joined a community in the past and then didn’t make use of it. This leaves you feeling like you wasted your money and/or time. We’ve crafted Accelerator to help solve that.

First, you’re not alone. You’ll be joining a group of other accountants who feel like you feel, have the problems you have and have the desire and motivation for marketing that you have as well. Second, you’ll have a platform to share your progress, ideas, wonderings, thoughts with the PF team and the rest of the group. Finally, Accelerator has been set up to give you rhythms and systems to help marketing be a part of everything you do at your firm.

Will I have to talk?

We encourage all our members to get involved in the sessions. It’s your opportunity to ask questions about how your learnings apply to your firm and share wanderings and ideas with the rest of the group.

The sessions combine learning with coaching, so anytime you have a question or a thought, put it in the chat box. If you’d like to be unmuted so you can ask your question and interact with the leaders about it you’re always welcome to do that!

Does my video have to be on?

It’s important to show up with video wherever possible. When you do this, you get more out of the coaching group. You’re more attentive and focused, and it helps you build relationships  with the other members and the PF team.

We appreciate life happens and video isn’t always possible, so we’d always encourage you to show up without video rather than missing it altogether!


I’ve tried marketing courses before and I feel like I wasted my time and money. How will this time be different?

The main part of Accelerator is the one to one support. That’s why we call it a coaching group, not a course. You will get personalised video reviews on any content you create and a customised website review with specific suggestions of wording you can change and sections you can adjust so your prospects find it easier to sign up with you faster. The group will challenge you personally and you will be encouraged to be involved, ask questions and apply the topic of that day (audience, or blogging or video or whichever) to your specific situation. It’s a whole lot more than a course.

What is an Accelerator session like?

The live sessions run for 1 hour every Thursday at 3pm UK time. You spend the hour going through key points and learning principles of content marketing with a focus on getting across the main points you need to know about that week’s topic. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask deeper questions that relate to either one (or more) of the Accelerator topics or anything about marketing at all.

The next course doesn’t start for another few weeks. I want to start marketing now - what can I be doing in the meantime?

You can: start reading and learning. Start writing down what you wish your marketing would deliver. Start getting ready to write content. Start thinking about how to involve your team. Start practicing video. You can read more about how to get started with all these things here. (If you want to start Accelerator sooner, you can apply for Accelerator Intensive – the same content delivered to you individually and tailored to your firm. The sessions run at dates/times which are suited to you.)

I'm on my own and don't have a team. Is this group for me?

Absolutely. Accelerator is the single best place for you to build your marketing knowledge and understand your personal involvement in your own marketing. You’ll be glad you addressed the 12 principles in a structured way, rather than randomly trying different things and feeling frustrated from the lack of results you’ll get.

I'm the owner of an accounting firm. Do I join myself, or send someone else?

Your marketing will be more powerful when your team is involved. The accountancy firms who are enjoying a steady drip feed of quality leads are those who involve their team in marketing. As the owner, it is your responsibility to help your team understand marketing and how it works for your firm. We recommend you join the “team” option and you can bring as many team members as you want to the live sessions. You can read more about involving your team in marketing in this blog

Who is this coaching group not for?

If you aren’t an accountant, a bookkeeper or working in an accountancy firm, it’s not for you. We exclusively serve accountants and bookkeepers and so the coaching group is tailored towards how the 12 elements of content marketing help accountants to attract better, not more, clients.

What if I'm not ready? Can I join next time?

Yes, you can. We run 3 groups per year, and they start in February, May and September. If you’re thinking about joining the next intake, think about how much further along you’ll be in your marketing if you start today instead of delaying around 4 months. You can also fill out our discovery form to tell us a little about your firm and what’s holding you back in your marketing.

I'm in another country/time zone. Can I still join?

All countries and time zones are welcome! The content you’ll learn in the group applies to accountants, worldwide. For the live sessions, you may need to get up early or stay up late and if you do miss a session, you’ll have forever access to the recordings. We’ve had members join from Australia, Canada, South Africa and the US!

When do the sessions run?

The next intake starts on 22nd February 2024. Sessions run every Thursday at 3pm GMT for 1 hour, for 12 weeks.

What if I miss a session?

All sessions are recorded and saved in the PF CustomerHub. This is where you can access any free downloads, all the Accelerator live sessions and your weekly homework. We strongly encourage you to attend the live sessions but we recognise that life sometimes gets in the way so the recordings are there for you if you need them.

Can I join partway through?

You do ideally need to join from the start of the group because the 12 sessions run in order on purpose. We start by looking at your audience and what their issues are, before moving onto branding and design and websites… all with your audience and their issues in mind. We do still take new members up to session 3 and you will need to watch the recordings of the earlier sessions. After that, you’ll need to wait until the next intake or you can look at applying for the Accelerator Intensive. You’ll learn the same content as the group, but it will be delivered individually to you at dates/time which suit you and the content will be tailored to your firm specifically.



Onboarding session with the PF team


Active review of any content you create during the group


Opportunity to ask questions about how this applies to your firm


Live review & practical exercises during sessions


Exclusive to accountants only


One to one coaching session with Karen (founder)


There are a two options for Group Accelerator: Individual (one space) or Team (unlimited number of team members).
An individual space costs £995+VAT, and the group option is £1,695+VAT. You can either pay in one go, or split the payments over 3 months

How do I sign up?

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