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What exactly is involved?

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Frequently asked questions

When are the live sessions held?

The next intake starts 26 September at 2pm GMT. You’ll get the Zoom link when you sign up. Sessions run every week for one hour, for 12 weeks.

What if I miss a live session? Can I catch the recording?

Yep – all sessions are recorded and are saved for you in the PF Hub. This is where you can access any free downloads you’ve ever gotten from PF, all the Accelerator live sessions, homework items, and more. We strongly recommend that you attend all the live sessions if at all possible, but the recording is there for you if something comes up.

I'm in another country/time zone. Will this be applicable to me?

Absolutely – all countries and time zones welcome! The topics we’ll cover are applicable to accountants, worldwide. PF have worked with accountants and bookkeepers all over the globe for years, and in our experience no matter what country you’re in, these topics will apply to you. Naturally you’ll apply it in a different way to your firm, but so will all firms who are part of this.

For the live sessions, get up early, or stay up late if you need to. We’ve got members signed up from Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the USA as well as the UK. 

Do I get support with content marketing, or is it just listen and learn?

What sets the Accelerator apart from typical marketing training is that we are personally involved with your learning. You get as much as you put in: and we’re here to review content you write, give suggestions on your website or social media, provide feedback, and help you actually take guided action. You’re not left alone.

If you decide later that you need regular help with your content & design, you can use our monthly outsourced marketing packages to take care of this.

What do I get out of this course?

This course is the summary of our content marketing knowledge and how it applies to accountants. So you get educated about the 12 elements of content marketing (see the list here), and you get to apply what you learn on a weekly basis.

Oh, and you set yourself a challenge in week one – whether it’s blogging or video or social media or whatever you really want actually done. If you apply yourself, you’ll achieve 12 times as much content marketing as you’ve ever done before!

How long will I get access to the recordings after the course ends?

Your membership in the Accelerator gives you “forever access”. We’ll never turn it off. Even if we switch to a new dashboard or hub, or run different training courses. You can watch, and re-watch them anytime in the future. (Some of our members have confessed to watching many of the sessions 5 or 6 times…bringing in family members and dogs….no lie!!)

What if I join and realise the Accelerator isn't what I need?

It’s very rare that the Accelerator isn’t for you (it’s been custom built exclusively for accountants and the content is relevant for everyone from one-person firms to marketing managers of large firms), but the last thing in the world we want is for you to be in a programme that doesn’t suit you. If you have more questions, talk to us before joining. If you’ve already joined and you think you need to step things up a level, talk to us. Basically talk to us!

Is there any way I could pay monthly? Cash is tight.

For some of our smaller accounting firms, and bookkeepers, the money can feel like a big investment. Or can be a big hit to cash.

The answer is yes. We can split it monthly for you. You’ll pay a little more overall, but you’ll hit your marketing goal. Win win.

We love it when people ask for creative ways to make things happen. These are the kind of accountants who will succeed in marketing. Drop us an email to info [at] theprofitablefirm [dot] com and we’ll sort you out.

Can I join partway through the course?

You are welcome to join anytime, but we strongly recommend you join before session 1, because the 12 sessions run in order on purpose. We start by looking at your audience and what their issues are, then build content around that, then look at branding and design, then websites….and it’s all stackable and will make more sense when you attend them in order. Of course if you’ve missed a few you can still join, and catch the recordings.

I'm on my own and don't have a team. Is this for me?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact this is the best place to start if you’re on your own. As you build your firm, you’ll be glad that you addressed the 12 elements of content marketing in a structured order, rather than randomly trying this or that and getting no results from it.

I'm the owner of an accounting firm. Do I join myself, or send someone else?

It’s definitely a case of the more the merrier, in that the more people from your firm who engage with the process, the better your marketing will be. The highest performing accounting firms involve their entire team. We recommend the unlimited-team-member option when you click the join button.

I'm the marketing manager of a larger firm. Is this for me?

Absolutely. You’ll get a lot of encouragement about how to use your time wisely when it comes to marketing – and help show the leadership team how this marketing works and gets results. (If there are more than two people on your marketing team, or if there’s even one more person in the firm who would benefit from learning about content marketing, we strongly recommend the unlimited-team-member option for you.)

How do I get my boss to let me join this course?

If your boss isn’t on board with content marketing yet, here are a few arguments to help:

  1. Isn’t it better if I’m working on marketing with personal help and direction from the experts?
  2. I get “forever access”, so I’ll be able to watch and re-watch the sessions for months and years afterward.
  3. If you don’t let me join, I’ll go work for PF instead. (haha only joking)

Who is this course NOT for?

If you are not an accountant, a bookkeeper, or working in an accountancy firm, it’s not for you.

How much of my time will this require?

The bare minimum is an hour a week – attending the live sessions. But we recommend you spend 2-3 hours per week: one for the live session, and 1-2 hours actually working on your ‘challenge’. (You’ll set this yourself at the start of the programme.)

If you’re thinking you can’t possibly spare an hour or two a week, we challenge you to think about how you’re using your marketing time now. Isn’t it better to spend that time in a focused, structured way – with help – rather than randomly squeezing in marketing wherever you can find it? (We all know that ends up being about 0 hours per week, anyway.)

I've tried marketing training courses before but didn't get much. Why would I join this?

There are three reasons.

  1. This is built exclusively for accountants only: so everything is completely customised to how the buyers of accounting services buy.
  2. You get personal guidance and support from Karen and the PF team all the way through – you’re not simply watching videos
  3. You’re ready now. You’ve dabbled, but now you’re completely in and you are going to see success. Your mindset is right and you’re excited.

What if I'm not ready? Can I join next time?

 Sure. Next intake is in 3-4 months. Think about how much marketing you could have done by then.

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