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October 2022: Celebrating new connections and award winning clients!

Grab yourself your cosy beverage of choice and have a read through the highlights of PF marketing from October!

Meet the newest PF team members!

Alice and Henny have joined the team as Operations Director (a brand new role!) and as Assistant Content Writer! You’ll see both in Accelerator, Lab sessions and at times, in your Foundations and monthly meetings with your Client Marketing Manager.

As with all new team members at PF, Alice and Henny have chosen their 5 personal pillars (things that those who know them best would associate with them) as well a two personal core values (based on how they make decisions).

You can read more about the whole PF team here!

Alice joins us as our first ever Operations Director and will be responsible for making sure PF runs with ease, with all our team working in their areas or expertise, to create simplicity and excellence for our amazing clients.

A naturally positive and passionate person, nothing satisfies Alice more than the process of an idea coming to life! She sees working in operations as making dreams a reality: making the seemingly impossible, possible.

Alice enjoys life with her husband and beautiful children in rural Somerset and loves to relax with a good book, her journal or by doing some meditation!

Alice’s two core values are Connection and Freedom.

Her five personal pillars are: Community pillar, Law of attraction pillar, Projects pillar, Lifelong learning pillar, Holiday mode pillar

“I’ve always been enchanted by the power that words can hold. I think it’s incredible that a few select characters on a page have the ability to make us laugh until our sides hurt, evoke memories that stir up dormant emotions, and can shape the way we think.” – Henny

In her role, Henny wants to use her words for the power of good, and is excited to have the opportunity to help accountants realise their creative potential. Growing up surrounded by music and comedy, she’s always seen creativity as her safe space.

Outside of work, Henny makes music and loves to jam away with a four-to-the-floor drum beat and a hefty bassline. She’s a dance music producer and loves anything with a big beat and killer groove!

Henny’s two core values are Creativity and Open-mindedness.

Her five personal pillars are: Generosity pillar, Elderly dogs pillar, Dance music pillar, Comedy pillar, Eurovision pillar

Congrats to Steph & Kendall!

We’ve also had two internal promotions in the last month! Kendall has moved into the role of Head of Client Marketing Managers and Steph is now Marketing Director.

Kendall now heads up our team of Client Marketing Managers and will be responsible for the resourcing and delivery of our client work. She has shown her skills and suitability for this role many times over the past few years and will lean into it with graciousness and suggestions based on both numbers and the humans she works with.

Steph is now PF Marketing Director having spent the last two years understanding everything which makes PF who we are, and sharing that with those accountants and bookkeepers who are excited to embrace their creativity and be involved in their firm’s own marketing. PF Marketing Director comes with the responsibility of leading our own marketing strategy and activity so the best clients find us faster and get exactly what they need to support their own marketing.


Join us in saying CONGRATULATIONS to Kendall & Steph!


Client Pillar Awards!

One of the activities at our team retreat was signing each Client Pillar award certificates while sharing stories of why that individual had won the award. First, here’s a little bit of background to these awards…

We identified it was time for us to do a review of the PF pillars. More specifically, what they mean to us as individuals and to the work we do with our clients. Each team member then recorded a video answering 3 questions about each pillar. Jamie then worked with our content team to gather together all the answers and use them to craft the new descriptions for each PF pillar.

Every team member identified a client who lives up to that specific pillar in their work and life, and those who came up time and time again won an award! The difficult thing about wanting to give awards to your clients at PF is that you end up wanting to a give them ALL awards… here’s the list of fantastic winners!

All round winner (meaning all the pillars!)

  • Cheryl Sharp, Pink Pig Financials
  • Georgi Rollings & Emma Lawrence, Starfish


  • Gillian Caughey, Fearless Financials
  • Martin Kamenski, Revel CPA
  • Jonathan Bareham, Raedan
  • Raffi Yousefian, Fork CPAs
  • Karen Kennedy, Kennedy Accountancy
  • Caroline Burns, Revive
  • Gillian French, DNA Accounting


  • James Lizars, Thrive
  • Alex Malmstrom, DigiM
  • Karen Kennedy, Kennedy Accountancy
  • Priya Raja-Motala, Myers Clark
  • Caroline Burns, Revive
  • Gillian French, DNA Accounting


  • Chris Jones, Westbound


  • Max McHugh, Ocelot Accounting
  • Gillian French, DNA Accounting

Well done to all our amazing clients who live up to the PF pillars in every day work and life!


Join us at the US Xero Roadshows!

Karen & Jamie are going to be speaking at the Xero Roadshows in 6 different states in the US over the next few weeks! If you’re based in any of these places, or want to enjoy a day out of the office, then please do join us.

You’ll hear us talking about the 3 things you can include in your marketing to help prospects understand quicker what you do and if you’re the best fit for them, so you can move them along your buyer cycle as quickly as they want to move.

Here’s where Karen will be speaking over the next couple of weeks:

Phoenix, Arizona – 28 October
Denver, Colorado – 1 November
Los Angeles, CA – 7 November
San Francisco, CA – 9 November

and you’ll see Jamie here:

Houston, TX – 16 November
Austin, TX – 18 November

Look out for our yellow t-shirts and we’d love to help answer any marketing questions you have! If you haven’t yet, book your Xero roadshow space here!

Highlights of Deeper Weekend 2022

Karen, Kendall and Jamie are feeling energised and excited after another successful trip to Greenville for Thriveal’s Deeper Weekend conference!

Here were some of the highlights:

  • The PF lunch we hosted on day 1 which we shared with some really cool people and delicious tacos (pics below to prove it!)
  • The message of why accountants need to be charging for their advisory services, and the value they brings to businesses. You can read this blog on ‘How to market digital advisory services‘ for more help!
  • Getting to see our awesome clients in person and hear about their victories, challenges and plans
  • Meeting amazing new accountants and helping them with their marketing questions and wonderings
  • Visiting beautiful Greenville and being able to enjoy outdoor time and delicious coffee!

You can also catch up on this webinar with Karen and Joe Montgomery, CEO of GroupUp on how you can use marketing to build a hiring waitlist so you have a list of great, potential team members when you’re ready to hire!



That’s everything from us for this month! If there’s a question we haven’t answered yet, or you’re not sure where to find it, just let us know and we’ll look after you. And keep up the really great work.

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