4 How-To Social Media Guides for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

When it comes to choosing which social media platform to use for your accounting firm, the options can feel pretty overwhelming. Each platform has its own features, algorithms, styles and there’s different ways to get the most out of each one. Combine that with the constant updates and new features being added, you can end up feeling pretty stuck on which is the best one for you.

To help you understand each platform better and learn the basics of how each one works, we’ve created short guides which include details on:

  • What the platform is best for
  • Who’s spending time on there
  • When the best time to post is
  • What all the different icons mean

You can use these guides to help you make a decision on which social media platform is the best fit for your firm depending on the audience you want to reach. You’ll also learn how to set up your social media accounts and get familiar with the different icons and symbols each platforms uses.

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A guide to using Instagram accountants

LinkedIn is a favourite for accountants, because it often feels the most comfortable. It can be one of the best platforms for your clients, too, depending on your audience. Be sure you’re using LinkedIn for your ideal audience, not simply for your own preferences or to connect only with other accountants!

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Twitter is short, sharp, and to the point. It’s excellent for making (and continuing) connections at events and other in person meets. It’s an excellent place to build those relationships by means of shorter conversations.

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A guide to using Twitter for accountants
Last but not least, we come to Facebook. Although many people have a Facebook account, it can get used less than the other platforms; however, it’s useful for communities, groups, and connections with people you have no other contact information for. It’s also excellent for cross posting.

Like in the work you do with your clients, looking at the numbers helps you make better decisions for your firm. They tell you where to focus your efforts, where to invest your time and resources and where is the best place to build your community. You may be tempted to jump to conclusions based on the initial numbers you review for one social media platform, but what will have the greatest impact is reviewing these numbers as they compare and connect to all your other marketing and firm activities.

If you feel you need more help to focus your efforts on your social media presence, fill in the diagnostic form and tell us about your firm, and what you’re finding most challenging with social media. You’ll have the opportunity to request a call, if you wish it, and if not we’ll send you some more social media resources!