reshare content on social media

Is it okay to re-share existing content for my accountancy firm?

reshare content on social media

There’s some confusion around sharing or re-purposing content. Firstly, you can NOT re-share other people’s content as your own. But you can re-share your own content that you created for your firm.

It’s common practice to do this even though you’ve already shared.  It may perform better the next time around, or appeal to some new followers which didn’t catch it the first time.

Everyone’s busy and skims social media so there’s always going to be people who miss your content first time around. As long as you leave at least a few weeks to a month between sharing it again you’ll be fine and will avoid people getting bored of the same news.

Best of all it extends the life of your content piece, no matter what format you’re using.  We do this with all of our PF content.

What to consider when you re-post the same content?

Try posting at a different time. If your audience are split between the UK and US, try a US time zone next time and see what the results are.

It also increases the chances of your full audience interacting, and possibly gain new followers in those time zones.

There’s a social tool called MeetEdgar which can automatically re-post your content which performs the best.  This works well for blog posts and is a great way to continue to drive traffic back to your website.

Just be careful around time sensitive content. If you’ve got a blog post which talks above tax deadlines, or an event you’re running for clients: don’t schedule this past the deadline.

As long as your content is relevant, helpful and non salesy people will find value in it: even if it’s older.

More tips to improve the reach of the post:

  • The content piece may be the same, but try different intro text with the post.
  • Try a different image which relates to the content, works with your firm’s brand but is engaging
  • Optimise the image for the social channel your posting on. Here’s a blog explaining how to do this and why.
  • If anyone is mentioned on the article or you think it will be particular relevant to someone you know then be sure to tag them on social media

Keep an eye on the post analytic and compare to the first time around. Use this to continually make your social media posts more targeted and relevant to your audience.

When is reusing the same content from a blog considered duplicate content?

We do have to be careful when using the same content but there’s a few places you can do this without Google penalising you.

  • Reuse your blog content in a LinkedIn Pulse post

We’ve mentioned that LinkedIn Pulse posts are a great way to extend the life of your content. You can read all about it in this post. It’s a very quick and effective free tool where you can copy and paste your exact blog content and then share again: possibly with a new, much wider audience.

  • Take your blog post to Medium

Medium is a huge publishing platform which is linked to right across the internet and connected to authors with a big influence. There’s an average 625,000 users on there! And it’s growing.

This authority means that your posts can rank even higher than your own blog due to their SEO powers.  Make use of this and include links back to your own blog and website.  Also make sure you connect it to your firm’s Facebook and Twitter to grow followers from day 1.

Medium users interact in the same way as other social platforms: they like, follow and share your content.

The key to the platform is that they keep it clean and easy to read. Your article will have an average read length next to it’s title and will be tagged by topic.

This makes it a fantastic platform to grow your following and strengthen your firm’s brand.

So.. is sharing the same content worth it?

100%! Re-posting your content on either LinkedIn or Medium is ultimately worth it. Not only for the potential audience exposure but also to place yourself as an industry expert. Get speaking invites, grow your influence and attract new clients.

Keep in mind this is for added exposure.  Make your own blog your first port of call. This is what keeps your website fresh, and ranking.

Do you have other social media questions?

If you’ve got any questions you’d like us to answer, feel free to get in touch on Twitter or through our Profitable Firm slack channel. We may even feature them on the next Social Marketer live Q&A.