PF marketing update february 2023

February 2023: Recognising what choices you get to make

In this PF marketing update, we share why we choose everyday to work with accountants, our plans for PF’s March team retreat and details of upcoming coaching and training sessions we’re running (all of which you can choose to come to!).

As you’re reading through, have a think about the choices you’ve made for your firm so far this year, and those you still have to make.


Why we choose to work with accountants

To run a successful business, you need to love your clients. People who you enjoy working with and who you can do your best work for.

I asked our team to share exactly what they love about working with accountants and bookkeepers and here’s what they shared:

  • “They’re in the business of building relationship with their clients and are passionate about helping individuals make their dreams a reality.”
  • “They’re family orientated over being money-orientated. Most of them wanted to set up their own firm so they have time with their family and to do the things they love, and they honour that (with ups and downs of times when you have to stick in on the work side of course).”
  • They stick at things. They appreciate the long game, don’t rush to judgement, and are willing to give it a real go – not give up after 3 days or a month or 3 months because it’s not working fast enough.”
  • “They’re fascinating people and daily defeat the “boring accountant” stereotype. They play bagpipes and write books and have served in the military and raise guide dogs and do all kinds of fascinating things because they’re interested in life.”
  • “They are so much more than their job. They are incredible people with hearts to serve.”
  • “They recognise where they have expertise and where they don’t. A lot of accountants come to us saying “I really don’t know much about marketing” or “I’ve never done any proper marketing”, and they want to learn, and are curious, and willing to hear new perspectives on something they’re less familiar with. It can be hard but they do it.
  • “I love how creative they are and watching them finally see that come out and reflect them. It’s really cool.”

PF marketing

team member

Promotion to Graphic Designer

Since joining our team as an Assistant Graphic Designer, Amina has repeatedly blown us away with her impressive creative abilities. It’s been amazing to watch Amina grow and develop over the last few months and really lean into her new role!

As a small girl growing up in Budapest, Hungary, Amina always had big dreams of making a difference in this world by helping people with her creativity. She does this at PF by helping accountants tell their stories and creating visuals which helps them with their best clients.

Well done, Amina!

PF marketing update february 2023

We’re going on a team retreat!

The PF team will be on a hybrid team retreat on 23rd & 24th March with a mix of in person & online sessions!

Ahead of the retreat, the whole team is reading “The Visual Sale” by Marcus Sheridan and will bring ideas and actions on how we can implement our learnings at PF and help our clients to do the same.

Day 2 is regional meet ups! Our team will get together around the world and enjoy a creativity activity, delicious food and just time together!

Taking these days out for team retreats is a choice we make because they give us the space and time to step away from our day to day work, lean into #creativitypillar and #restpillar and help us to connect with each other so we keep serving our clients better and better.

We’ll be sharing learnings from our book review session and pics from our global get-togethers!

PF marketing

Why other accountants chose to join Accelerator

This month we onboarded our newest group of Accelerator members. The onboarding session is the first time to group meet ahead of the live sessions and everyone gets the opportunity to share a little about themselves, how feel about marketing and the impact they want from Accelerator.

Each member shared why they’ve chosen to join the marketing coaching group, and the results they want at the end of the 12 weeks. Here are a few patterns which came out of the session:

  • Get clarity and to be smart with marketing from the very beginning so as not to waste time later on
  • Generate good quality leads (not just more)
  • Grow confidence in marketing and understand how it’s different for accountants
  • Identify who the right client actually is and so who their marketing is for

If you want any of these things for your accounting firm, there’s still time for you to join the current coaching group. The next session runs on Thursday 9th March and you can catch up on the recording from sessions 1&2!

You can read more about Accelerator here and If you aren’t sure whether a coaching group is right for you and your firm, fill in our diagnostic form and tell us about you so we can help advice what marketing will deliver what you need.

Upcoming sessions in the Lab community

We kicked of 2023 in our Lab community with a training on ‘How to build healthy marketing habits’ and we talked through:

1. How to actually build good habits

2. The purpose of specifically building marketing habits

3. Practical ways you can use build habits which connect to where your leads are coming from

When you join the community, you’ll get access to all previous session recordings!

Here’s what coming up in the next few months…

  • How to incorporate selling into existing client relationships: 14 March 2023, 2-3pm GMT
  • Action Session: focus on getting a specific marketing task DONE: 4 April 2023, 10-11:15am BST
  • How to get started building you personal brand: 9 May 2023, 2-3pm BST

You can read more about these sessions here and choose any you’d like join here!

That’s everything from us for this month! If there’s a question we haven’t answered yet, or you’re not sure where to find it, just let us know and we’ll look after you. And keep up the really great work.

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