Amina Koszta

Amina Koszta

Graphic Designer

When I got the good news that I would be joining the PF team, a friend said to me, “You have such courage to work internationally!” As a small girl growing up in Budapest, Hungary, I always had big dreams of making a difference in this world by helping people with my creativity. I first got the chance to do that when I worked in a Hungarian NGO, raising awareness about the importance of high-quality education for young children. Now, at PF, I get to use my creativity to help accountants tell their stories and continue following my dream of making a difference.

I also get the chance to continue growing as a graphic designer. I believe that the key to success in your professional and personal life is learning something new every day: new methods and techniques, discovering other approaches, listening to different points of view, and understanding how other people think.

When I’m not designing, I enjoy exploring new places, gardening, having burgers and beer, appreciating good jokes, planning new adventures with my friends, and discovering the beauty and history of a city or nature. My love for architecture and urban legends in Budapest made me fall in love with my city even more, so I became a tour guide to learn more about its rich culture.

My personal pillars are:

My two core life values are Freedom and Making a difference.

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