Social media tips for accountants

Unique social media tips for accountants

Social media tips for accountants

For over seven years I’ve been writing Karen’s Marketing Tips, week in and week out, every Friday, on all manner of marketing that relates to accountants.

Don’t worry: they’re not going anywhere! You’ll still get these every Friday.

But it’s time to ramp up the kind of tips you can get.

We’re continuing to add to our Profitable Firm team, and within the past year our Social Media Director, Ashley, has become someone who is in great demand amongst our accountant clients.

Ashley knows social media, he’s good at it, and through PF he is building a powerful library of success stories for accountants using social media.

So today’s tip is very simple:

If you want to learn more about social media and how it works for accountants, sign up to get Ashley’s Social Tips, too.

They’ll come out once a month, at the start of each month.

My strong suggestion to you is that you get every single team member at your firm signed up for these tips, as well.

The reason for this is that we’re seeing that the firms who have every team member directly involved in social are getting better results. More engagement. Better followers. Deeper conversations.

(That’s also true for content marketing, but we’re talking about social today!)

So, that’s it for today’s tip. Sign up to get Ashley’s social tips. Get your team signed up too.