social media posting for accountants

Why posting daily on social media builds trust in your accountancy firm

social media posting for accountantsYou’ve probably heard the saying “people do business with people they know, like and trust.”

Nowhere is this more true than in marketing for accountancy firms. The level of trust required to change accountants, or to work with an accountant for the first time, is higher than for most businesses.

One of the easiest ways to help your prospective clients to know you, like you and trust you, is through posting on social media on a daily basis.

In this article I’ll answer:

  1. Why post on social media on a daily basis?
  2. What kind of results you can expect from daily social media updates
  3. How to post daily social media updates

Why post on social media on a daily basis?

The primary reason you want to be posting regular and relevant content on your social media channels is so that you can build trust with potential and existing clients.

For example, imagine a new prospect is interested in working with you.

What will they likely do?

Well, we’ve probably all done it (or know someone who has). Before you work with a new business, you learn more about them.

How? You check out their website and you check out their social media channels.

Remember, even if they’ve been recommended to you, they’ll still do this. A recent study by Hinge Marketing indicated that 45% of people who had been recommended to a professional service firm went to the website, and left without ever getting in touch.

Imaging what would happen if a prospect went to your social media channels and saw the last time you posted anything was 2 or 3 years ago? Would that give the kind of impression that you’re forward-thinking accountants? Would it increase the chances they work with you or decrease them?

We recommend, as a minimum, you aim for once per day Monday to Friday.

Now that you’re doing this, imagine what happens. Your prospect goes to your social media channels, and not only are you posting social media updates regularly, but the type of content you post is relevant and interesting to them.

Do you think that will increase the chances they work with you? You bet!

What kind of social media updates should you post?

You know how passionate we are at the Profitable Firm about custom, relevant content

Think about who are those in your target audience and what they would be interested in.

For example, if you’re an accountancy firm targeting charities, then you will want to post social updates on topics that will be interesting to charities. Some examples are:

  • How to grow your charity
  • The best charity events
  • How to get more charity donations
  • How to manage your charity’s finances


social media posting for accountants

Or if you’re an accountant targeting creative agencies, then you should post content that will be interesting and relevant to creative agencies:

  • best online tools for creative agencies
  • how creative agencies can win more clients
  • how creative agencies can manage their team


social media posting for accountants

What if you are targeting multiple niches? That’s absolutely fine! You can still post relevant social media updates for all of those niches by posting a variety of content that caters to all the niches you work with. We wouldn’t recommend that you have more than 2-3 niche areas at the most, or else they aren’t a true niche. But more on that from Karen in future niche posts!

Make sure you include your own content from your blog, YouTube channel, etc as well as other people’s content too!

What kind of results can you expect from daily social media updates?

A common misconception with accountants is that posting daily social media updates will generate new leads. That’s not true.

There is a small chance that one of your social media updates could be seen by a new prospect, at just the right time when they just so happen to be looking for a new accountant to work with. But for the most part, the primary purpose of posting social media updates is to  build trust with existing leads and with people who are in your current audience.

Daily social posting is not primarily going to help you generate new leads and grow your audience.

So you may be thinking, what’s the point? Can’t we just skip the social media updates and jump to lead generation?

Well, you could. But the results won’t be as good because you won’t have a way of building trust with the leads that you generate and those in your target audience.

So our advice is to first post daily regular and relevant social media updates to build trust; and then you are in an excellent position to focus on building your audience on social media and truly generate more leads.

We will show you how to generate more leads for your accountancy firm on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram in future articles. (Or there’s always the Social Marketer DIY videos!)

If you don’t post on social daily, get someone who can!

If researching, scheduling and optimising your social media updates each day on all your social media channels sounds great, but it’s not something you have the time, or even want to be doing, then you can easily in-source or outsource it.

In fact, one of our “done-for-you” packages for our clients is “Daily social media updates”.

You only need to spend about 5-10 minutes once a month approving the social media updates that we research for you and then we do the rest!

If you’d like to learn more, this video explains how it all works:

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About the Author

Ashley Davis is the Social Media Director at The Profitable Firm and also works with small to medium sized businesses at Skyline Social.