social media scheduling

When’s the perfect time to post social media from your accountancy firm profiles?

social media schedulingThe simple answer is it’s different for every single firm and business in the world.

It can depend on where your audience are based, age range, type of businesses, your content and even the social platform you’re using.

For example a floristry business based in London will likely post their flowers of the day on Instagram and and Pinterest for their own business needs, and only check their Facebook and Twitter in the evening.  Their times will be very different to a florist in Miami or Sydney.

To take full advantage of the power of social media your content needs to be posted at the optimum time for your audience. Not another firm’s audience.

Be clear who you want to target and use your analytics to work out the best time based on trying out various times.

There are a good few social media management tools which can help you monitor when your posts get the most traction.  

These tools also speed up the whole process of posting by letting you schedule your updates ahead of time.


This tool gives you scheduling functionality but also has some great analytics on your posts. It has some pretty cool time saving integrations such as allowing you just to click an article to be added to your social schedule.  It’s then automatically sent, spaced out throughout the day so nothing overlaps.

Their analytics give you all the detail around every post, number of clicks/engagements, mentions and potential reach. You can then use this to see which post performed best and why.

If you’re a Social Marketer member check out the video guide to Buffer.


This is a well known social management tool with lots of useful features, and is very simple to use. It has an auto schedule tool which automatically picks the optimum time to schedule your post.  This will likely be different per social channel so your message will go out once at different times.

This is based on your past activity so you’ll need to give it a little time to find what works best for you.  


Sendible works in a similar way to Hootsuite but in our opinion it’s simpler to use and better suited for smaller to medium sized businesses. We use it to schedule all the PF posts as well as post ad hoc ones.

Followerwonk by Moz

Get all the analytics you’ll need: from geography of your Twitter followers, to the time that you are getting the highest and lowest engagement.

Once you have an account just type in your Twitter username and you’ll get all the results.  You can also type in other accounting firm names or even clients business names to get more background on what they’re doing.

This also integrates with tools like Buffer.

All of these tools work best when you test with various posts, and give them some time to build up data to analyse.

Good news for you. Lots of numbers involved!

Do you have other social media questions?

If you’ve got any questions you’d like us to answer, feel free to get in touch on Twitter or through our Profitable Firm slack channel. We may even feature them on the next Social Marketer live Q&A.