Get a free website from The Profitable Firm

At The Profitable Firm, we’re all about giving back. And websites are one of the most costly – and important – elements of any accountancy firm’s marketing.

Today you can apply to be one of four accountancy firms who will get your website designed and built, entirely free.

“This is a really powerful opportunity,” says Managing Director Karen Reyburn. “As I talk to accountants, so many of them want ‘all singing, all dancing’ websites, but the funding just isn’t there.”

The Profitable Firm has been providing online marketing exclusively for accountants all over the world. Built by two accountants (or used-to-be accountants who now focus on creativity and strategy!), its unique proposition ensures that your accountancy firm website is truly built by the best.

Shaun Walsh, Strategic and Finance Director for the Profitable Firm, as well as Chartered Accountant and member of the ICAEW, is equally enthusiastic about this opportunity.

“It’s an opportunity for accountants to take a massive step forward in their marketing at zero cost. I’d apply for one myself if I was still in practice.”

Applications are being received today. A maximum of four websites will be designed and delivered by the end of May 2015.

To apply, click here.

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