Act on good suggestions… no matter how long it takes

Xero to Hero nomination

About a year ago, I was browsing Twitter and enjoying the brilliance of the Dancing Accountant.  It’s just so much fun – the words ‘accountant’ and ‘dancing’ so rarely go together (okay, other than this guy they pretty much never go together), and his tweet about turning a newspaper into pom poms actually had me laughing out loud.

I was thinking how cool it would be if this guy could show accountants how brilliant marketing is done, so I suggested that we have this guy come to the next Xerocon.  (I didn’t see him at Xerocon 2015, but there are more Xerocons to come. I can be patient.)

We had a conversation. I nominated the song “Zero to Hero” – but of course it would be #Xero to Hero in our minds.

Xero to hero dancing accountant1

Xero to hero dancing accountant

He put it on the list.

An entire year went by.

A year.

365 days, plus an extra week for good measure.

And on the 17th of March, the Dancing Accountant (who was working his way through the A to Z of dance via video) followed up on our idea.  Got to Z, recorded a video – on Bondi Beach in Sydney, no less – of the requested ‘Zero to Hero’ song.

Youtubed it.


Facebooked and tweeted it.

And tagged The Profitable Firm.

(Scroll down to watch the video.)

That last element is what impresses me so much – and it’s my reminder to you of the beauty and power of online marketing, social media, conversations, and relationship building. He didn’t have to remember the song suggestion. Or carry it out. Or share it.  And even with all of that he didn’t have any obligation to make sure that we knew, a year later, he’d come through.

But he did, and I am extremely impressed.

The power of digital marketing is not in your ability to turn a nice phrase and share a few tweets and run a webinar here or there. It’s in your ability to engage with people – real, living, human people – and to come through on what they like, what they want, and what they ask for.

And then let them know that you did it.

What has a client of yours suggested that has kept you thinking, “I should do that someday”?

My tip for today is, do it. Implement that one idea, that great suggestion – even if it’s a year on. Or two years.  Do it, and then tell them that you did it.  Don’t just tell them and them alone, sending a quick email – share it with your world.   Because what happens next is that your world shares it with their world, and they share it further.

Like I’ve just done, in this blog post.

Enjoy the dance.