August 2022: What’s new for you this month?

New team members, new challenges, new Accelerator coaching group and new weekly resources…there’s a lot of exciting PF marketing continuing on into September.

You can read more details of the 100 day challenge and the next Accelerator group by scrolling down. Both have been crafted to help you to focus on creating content your prospects and clients most need and want from you so you build relationship faster and they make their buying decisions quicker.

A lot of our clients and team have enjoyed some time off in August, either staying nearby or exploring new places. For those of you who have enjoyed some #restpillar this month, we’d love to hear what that looked like for you!

As we move into September, the PF team are going on a full team retreat from 12th-16th September. It’ll be the first time we’ve all being together in-person so expect lots of stories, pictures, learnings and videos in next month’s round up!

Meet our new creatives!

Kathy and Erin have joined our creative studio as Assistant Graphic Designer and Content Writer! You’ll start to see both of them in Accelerator, Lab sessions and at times in your Foundations and monthly meetings.

As part of the PF team, Kathy and Erin have chosen their 5 personal pillars (things that those who know them best would associate with them) as well as two personal core values (based on how they make decisions). Here’s some more info about them!


Since graduating in Mixed Media and Photography, Kathy has helped several businesses with graphic design and digital marketing. She is passionate about understanding what it takes to create designs which are clear, simple and effective.

Kathy does her best work when surrounded by a talented and inspiring team who she can collaborate with in order to create the best and most powerful designs for our clients.

When she’s not designing, you’ll find Kathy exploring the countryside with Dylan (her four-legged shadow) in Brighton, sea swimming or working on her latest pet portrait!

Kathy’s two core values are Kindness and Balance.

Her five personal pillars are: #familypillar #oceanpillar #musicpillar #dogspillar #teapillar


“I’ve been in a love affair with words and storytelling since I can remember.”

After graduating with a degree in English Literature and creative writing, Erin knew she wanted to work with words. She believes the words we choose and how we use them is powerful and so her favourite thing about being a content writer is finding those words and using them to send the right message.

In her spare time, Erin is working on a her book which is about monsters, mental health and our weird world. When she’s not doing that, she’s spending time with her one year old, playing with her chat or drinking delicious coffee!

Erin’s two core values are Beauty and Integrity.

Her five personal pillars are: #wanderpillar #skincarepillar #coffeepillar #musicpillar #wordspillar

PF is now a team of 18 creatives who are all passionate about helping accountants enjoy and love marketing!


You can read more about our team here!


Get more comfortable with video & record the videos your clients & prospects most need

Good news! You do NOT need to record 100 videos. We tried that last time and it was really, really hard.

This challenge exists to help you gain confidence in video, and to help you record the videos which will attract the very best clients to you.

What does the challenge involve?

  • It kicks off on 1st September 2022
  • You’ll follow a list of daily specific actions for 100 days. This list has been crafted by us and split into categories which are most helpful for accountants to record videos on: questions your prospects ask you, client stories, sales objections, your team
  • Help & reviews from the Lab community: you’ll get accountability and support from the group and the PF team
  • Regular check-in sessions: one a month to help you stay accountable and focused and your opportunity to ask questions and share wonderings!

How will it help me?

  • You’ll record the videos which make your buyer process faster and your client experience better
  • You’ll be guided on what videos to actually record (based on what the buyers of accountancy services want)
  • You’ll gain confidence in video
  • Your sales process will be improved by the videos you create, helping you connect faster with the right prospects

How do I join?

This challenge is running the PF Lab. If you’re a member, you can sign up and you’re ready to go!

If you’re not yet a PF Lab member, and you’d like to join the challenge, join Lab for the 3 months the challenge is running.

We’re excited to see your videos!

You can read more and join the challenge here!


Upcoming webinars with Karbon & ICAEW

6 September 2022: 5 ways your accounting firm’s website needs to communicate to attract your ideal clients (PF & Karbon)

Your website it your firm’s marketing hub. It’s one of the first places potential clients will form an impression of you and your firm.

Learn what small and specific changes you can make to your website to help you better tailor your messaging to your ideal audience.

You’ll also learn:

  • The five clear messages your firm’s website must communicate
  • Small improvements you can make to your website yourself
  • The importance of being clear on the journey you want a website visitor to take

Register here to either join live or if you can’t make it, to receive the recording.

7 September 2022: Using marketing to hire the best team members for your accounting firm (ICAEW & PF)

Your marketing isn’t only for new clients. What you share and how you share it, both offline and online, helps you connect with and hire the best team members for your firm (and sends everyone else away).

In this session, you’ll learn practical ways you can use marketing to attract more of the best candidates to your firm, and faster, so you and your team spend less time on those who aren’t the right fit. You’ll also dig into:

  • Your firm’s values: how to hire and fire by them (they make it easier and faster for you to pre-qualify applicants)
  • How to show potential team members what’s in it for them (share things from their perspective and help them to say “oh, that sounds like me!”)
  • Practical ways you can use the principles of marketing to hire the best team members (creating website pages, showcasing values & culture, publishing blog posts, building your social media presence)

Here’s the link to register for this online free webinar!


Get bonus stuff with your Accelerator space

When you join the next Accelerator coaching group before 2 September 2022, you get cool free bonus stuff with your space! Here’s all the details:

1. Custom designed social media template (value = £285)

Our design team will create you a custom template on Canva which is designed exclusively for your firm. A branded template helps you to have brand consistency and build relationships with your prospects. You’ll have full edit access to your template and can create as many posts as you like for your socials!

2. A copy of “They Ask You Answer” (value = £15)

Since the beginning of Accelerator, this book has remained on our recommendations list as one of the best books any accountant who’s doing content marketing can read.

It will have a significant impact on how you and your team approach writing blogs and create content for your accounting firm.


That’s everything from us for this month! If there’s a question we haven’t answered yet, or you’re not sure where to find it, just let us know and we’ll look after you. And keep up the really great work.

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