golden ticket

How to win a FREE space in the Accelerator coaching group

golden ticket


It’s time again for the free GOLDEN TICKET for our 12 week Accelerator coaching group.

The Accelerator is your place to start. Don’t be deceived though: just because it’s a starting point doesn’t mean it’s basic, or simple. The accountants who join the group are placing themselves at the starting point, but you’re all coming with different experiences and skills. Some of you will be directors of a larger firm. Some of you are building a small firm, but over the past year have been building it even faster and some days it’s almost running away with itself! And some of you are just getting started on your new firm’s journey.

Accelerator helps you to move as fast as you want to in your marketing. And it first makes sure your marketing plan covers what your firm needs it to.

Regardless of what you’ve tried with marketing (or not tried yet), this is your structured approach, the clear path to marketing crafted specifically for accountants. There are 12 sessions which are delivered in order for a reason. What you learn about this order will revolutionise your marketing. It’s a coaching group because you’ll learn and be trained in all 12 areas of content marketing for accountants…and you’ll also be creating content and getting it reviewed by the PF team. Read about how how Accelerator helped Karen Kennedy identify and attract the right audience.

To win this free space, there is literally only one thing you need to do: Share a video about why you’d like the free space.

Be assured we are not reviewing your video for technical perfection, or your new ring light and microphone. It doesn’t have to be edited or “professional”, and actually in some ways it would be better if it’s not. Just pull out your phone, tell us what’s weighing on you with marketing, and why you’d like to be part of the Accelerator coaching group.

Here’s what to do:

  • Pick up your phone
  • Open a video, and press record
  • Tell us what’s weighing on you in marketing, and why you’d love to win the Accelerator free space
  • Keep it around 3-5 minutes
  • Post your video anywhere on social media (PF Marketing Community Facebook group, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) and use the hashtag #pfgoldenticket

That’s it! Simples. No perfection, no retakes required. Just share your thoughts with us by video by the end of day Thursday 8th September.

Note: If you do want to join Accelerator but are not in need of a free ticket (and would rather leave it to another accountant who needs it), you can sign up directly rather than applying for the free space.

If you have no idea what Accelerator is, read about the group here.