Content marketing programme

Slow and steady wins the race….or does it? Content marketing at your own speed

Content marketing programme

Over the years it’s become obvious that there are foundational principles which are absolutely critical for accountants to take on board in order for your marketing to be successful.

A few years ago we created the Content Marketer to help accountants embrace these principles. Our members love The Content Marketer and are seeing fantastic results: from building up their understanding to create really targeted marketing for their firm, though to bringing in ten new leads in the two months, totalling £35k!

So recently we’ve kicked that programme into a higher gear by offering it over a 12 week, instead of a 12 month period.

We provide a lot of training at the Profitable Firm. And it’s easy to be confused. Which one do you need? Why does 12 months or 12 weeks matter? Is it really worth the investment anyway?

We’re impressed with those who move slowly and steadily through the 12 month programme. That’s absolutely perfect for some. But recently we’ve become aware that some of you are a little more antsy than that, so we want to open this up to the firms who need fast paced learning. Those who will lose interest over a longer time.

That’s what the Accelerator offers!

It’s the perfect starting point if you need to build up your marketing before delving into a bigger project.

Why do accountancy firms need a marketing training programme at all?

The short answer is that the firms who go through this type of programme, who learn what content marketing truly is and why it matters so much, get better results. 

Accountants are always asking us about ROI. When do I get results? How long does it take? Why did my email blast not deliver new leads? We answer some of this in our ROI webinar, but we go deeper in the Accelerator programme.

So many accountancy firm teams are wondering the same marketing questions but just don’t ask, or carry on in the hope all will become clear and results will follow. Well that’s not going to happen without change. And in our experience, you can waste a lot of money – even working with us – if you don’t address the mindset change first.

The accountants who go through the programme are getting better results. They understand why they need to do marketing and are getting much more value from their efforts. They’re including their team, and getting team members to contribute to blogging, social media, and website changes. By applying the great ideas they come up in the programme, their marketing has more meaning and impact.  Then when they invest in bigger projects they get far better ROI.

The foundational principles we share apply to every accountancy firm around the world. But while some may be sitting back and hoping for the best, those on the Content Marketer and Accelerator are preparing for the future and building strong relationships with clients through marketing.

You need accountability and feedback about how to do the best marketing for your firm.

Both these programmes educate you on all aspects of content marketing, over 12 sessions, covering topics such as niche marketing, blogging, websites and graphic design.  The sessions lead on from each other helping to build your marketing knowledge in a clear, logical way.

But one of the major differences between this and some other training you might be looking at, is the fact that you can drop us a line anytime and say, “What do you think about this?” (And get a reply.)

Our members do this regularly. They send us draft website content and ask what we think about it. They write blog posts and ask us to offer edits. They tell us they’ve won an award and ask how they can market that better.

You see, there’s no generic marketing, generic training, or generic anything that will deliver the results you want. You can try it for a little while and get a few little results, but it will fail you in the long run, and your prospects will figure out really quickly that you’re churning out what everyone else is. That’s not what you want.

When you join us we’ll have an initial strategy call to help you get the most from the programme, then check in with you mid way through to make sure you’re enjoying it, and getting value from the sessions.

All our feedback on your ‘homework’ or questions is also personal.

The groups are kept small so we get to know all the members and can help you personally rather than with a generic answer. We only work with accountants so you don’t need to explain all the basics to us. We’ll help you get right into your marketing.

You get to start building a consistent content marketing plan.

Many accountants are doing lots of marketing: but it tends to be cobbled together with no consistency or focus. These programmes change that. Depending on the programme we’ll help you craft content specific to your firm each month, or week.

As well as building up the content you’ll be building an actionable plan that you can follow to release your content, share social or create a video to launch it all set against a date. So anyone within in the firm can get involved and the marketing still gets done even when you’re busy.

You always get the latest in content marketing – not something recorded ages ago.

The principles of content marketing are fairly similar to what they were a few years ago: but the practicalities are changing every month. Every day, sometimes. That’s why we run our sessions live, so we are constantly updating, adding, sharing new examples, giving you the latest and best advice and ideas – not a recording left over from years ago. There’s always a new marketing tool or advice out there and we’ll share our experience of these.

You can involve your whole team in content marketing education and accountability.

We provide one login for each of our PF programmes but you’re welcome to involve your full team! Set up the live webinar in your meeting room and let everyone join in.

Involving everyone in your marketing is the key to success. Giving them the opportunity to learn and grow, and then apply the key principles to their role. You’ll be amazed how much more open they are to sharing content, helping write content based on their direct experience with clients: and ultimately building a stronger relationship with your firm.

Sometimes you just some need accountability and inspiration to spark off your own marketing activity. Or even just to bring in a fresh, but relevant slant. This is a great starting point for all your team.

Whether you take it at a slower or faster pace, it really doesn’t matter. Some people need a little more time to think things through, or perhaps you have a smaller firm. Other people want to move faster. It all depends on how quickly you want to move, and the time commitment you are willing to give. Do you have an hour a week? Or an hour a month?

If you want to go slow and steady, join the next Content Marketer on 13 Oct!  Join now.

And for those who want to move at a quicker speed, you can join the Accelerator, starting 14 September! Join now.

We look forward to seeing you soon.