accounting firm marketing session

Free and special offer COVID19 resources for accountants (from us and friends)

accounting firm marketing session

Free things, and special offers, are going out everywhere for accountants right now. This isn’t an exhaustive list, because it’s specific ones we chose from people we know and trust. So if you love PF (or like us a little), you’ll like these people and their kind offers, too.

We’ve included our own offer of the FREE golden tickets for Accelerator as well as special offers we’re keeping open for the foreseeable future.

Support, advice, encouragement

FREE: Coffee & a catch up with Simon Chaplin

Simon is an accountant himself and provides consulting to accountants too. He’s been doing coffee & catch up Zoom meets to bring accountants together during these times. Each one has a theme and we’ve heard from many accountants we know how encouraging they’ve been.

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FREE: PF Marketing community (Facebook)

This Facebook group is your place to connect with a community of accountants who are talking about the marketing they’re doing and sharing their wins and victories. (As well as struggles or questions.) Join the group and share a marketing question you’re dealing with, or a recent marketing victory.

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EXTENDED: One to one session with Karen 

To get some input & advice on things marketing, social, strategy, branding, whatever…book a one to one video call with Karen. We have extended the call length to 1.5 hours (instead of 1 hour) without increasing the costs of the call.

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Marketing & communication training

Presentation training, speaking training, emotional quotient training

Presenting on camera, setting up and leading webinars, and “emotional quotient” training. We were originally planning to run a Video Breakthrough workshop with Alex Bond-Burnett from Speaking Ambition, but we’ve put all our Breakthroughs on pause because we don’t want to overwhelm you with more paid courses. We’ll revisit it soon!

In the meantime, Alex is offering all her online courses on a “pay what you can” basis, raising funding for the NHS. Literally pay…whatever you can. If it’s nothing, then nothing. If it’s one pound or one dollar, pay that. If it’s several hundred, pay that. But don’t miss out.

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FREE Learning Lab resources (including free website review)

The Learning Lab was created by Madeline Pratt, who we met at QBC San Jose and have done some work with. Part of it is online education and part is interactive training sessions – take what you like and learn when you can. There are new webinars and trainings every month, and best of all it’s 100% free right now.

Karen and Madeline ran a joint session on Websites which you can access within the learning lab, and you get a bonus free website review from PF when you listen!

Use the code INVEST to get this completely free.

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Accelerator: No increase on early-early bird pricing 

PF’s 12-week Accelerator course, based on content marketing principles we’ve been running for over five years now, starts a new series on Thursday 28th May 2020. Normally the pricing starts at £395 for one space (or £795 for team) and goes up and up, every few weeks, to encourage people to sign up sooner rather than later.

The prices for this round of Accelerator will stay at the lowest level, and will not be increased. So whenever you sign up, you pay the same as everyone else. Accelerator spaces open next week, so you can get on the waiting list now.

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FREE Golden ticket to Accelerator: 

In addition to keeping Accelerator pricing at the lowest level, there are FIVE SPACES being given away free for the Accelerator course. You can either look out for a golden ticket sent to you in the post, or send us a video saying why you’d like to be on the Accelerator in May.

Find out how to get a free Accelerator space

Proposals & pricing

GoProposal community & EXTENDED free trial (60 days)

It’s not just a proposal app, it’s…an entire community of accountants who support and encourage each other in every area of doing business. Many accountants we know and trust have told us it’s worth joining GoProposal for their Facebook group alone, because of how supportive it is. (We’ve seen people saying “you literally saved my client’s business” or “this group has kept me sane”, which is the kind of stuff we like to hear.  We’ve been friends with GoProposal for a long time, because they’re our kind of people and have a track record of staying true to their excellent values. That matters.

They’ve extended their free trial to 60 days, which is an incredible offer. We’ve had accountants tell us they’ve signed thousands of pounds (or dollars) worth of new business during the trial period alone, and that was when it was 30 days. So, get in there.

Free 60 day trial