Advice for Xerocon London 2018: Use your phone

xerocon london phoneFor all the accountants going to Xerocon London this November, if you want to get the most out of it, at the heart of your attendance will be your phone.

I’ve got three things I use it for at any event, but especially Xerocon: 

1. Take notes

People you talked to, apps you want to try, actions you’ll take. I use Notes on my iPhone to create (in advance) a list of people I want to make sure I see, and during the event I’ll open that and make further notes about what we talked about, what I’ve promised to do, things I’ll send them. You always have your phone with you and it’s a great document to look at afterwards and even a year later to see what you did! 

2. Take photos

This is a marketing opportunity for your firm. The team, you with apps and partners  and Xero people, all the great Xerocon swag, etc. These images will be great for future blog posts and other content. It’s like your own little folder of stock photos, except they’re personal, copyrighted to you, and include your brand. (Bonus: make sure you and your team are wearing your company brand! T-shirts, hoodies, branded phone cases and pop sockets will all help your images share your brand.) 

3. Shoot video

Most accountants I talk to are nervous or fearful or downright petrified about doing video. Here’s your chance to shoot short, live videos. Grab someone for a quick interview. Record your thoughts. Use insta or FB stories. Play with it, practice it, be creative. No one will be analysing your videos or being critical of them. Even if nothing works right, you’ll learn by doing and be one step closer to great video on a regular basis. 

Chaser, who will also be at Xerocon, asked for my tip on attending Xerocon – and when we recorded the video, Brad pointed out that I lived my advice by using my phone for that video interview. I took notes first on my phone so I knew what I was saying in the video; I took a screenshot of the video interview; and Chaser recorded the video which I now share with you!

See you there, yes?