Xerocon competition

Xerocon London: Win a video pack that turns your mobile phone into a traveling studio

Xerocon competition

The count down to Xerocon London is on!

Now.. for even more excitement: how do you fancy winning a super cool (and useful) phone video kit? It’ll turn your phone into a travelling studio so you don’t miss out on any of your clients ‘marketing gold dust’ moments.

How do I win?

It’s super simple. Just include #welovePF in all your social posts, on any social media platform. The winner is the person that uses #welovePF in the most posts! So get going.

Some ideas to help you rack up those posts:

1. Grab a copy of a PF guide & snap a photo

If you’ve got a hard copy of a PF guide just take a pic and share with #welovePF on any social channel, to the PF page! If not then grab a download and share a picture of your copy on your phone, macbook.. anywhere! View PF free content here.

2. Record a video about what you want to get out of Xerocon

This will be great practice for when you win the video kit! Grab your phone and record a quick 2 minute video on what you hope to get out of the event for yourself and your team. Who you want to see, what session you’re most excited about.

3. Find a PF team member (in yellow t-shirts!)

The minute you see one of the PF team grab them for a picture and share it on your social using the hashtag! The full team will be in bright yellow PF t-shirts.

PF team

4. Pick up the PF swag on our stand

Pop along to the PF stand and have a snoop around the AMAZING swag! We’ll have very cool bottle openers, the traits guide, PF coffee and jelly beans in the PF colours (you can take some home too)! Take a pic of all the goodies (or even individual ones) and share on social with #welovePF.

PF Swag

5. Have a flick through the traits guide and share which you’ll work on

There are 17 entrepreneurial traits included in the mini guide! Take a look at them, think which one you can start with that’ll make the biggest difference to your firm. Then share that page from the guide on social and commit to working on it. It could be as simple as starting to write content, or getting passionate about your brand.

Traits guide #welovePF

6. Ask us questions!

We love to help accountants with marketing, answer all your burning questions and give you freebies to get stuck in. So ask us questions as you always do but this time include #welovePF for the chance to win the video kit! There’s no limit so get stuck in.

7. Take a photo of yourself and your team at Xerocon

When you’re at events it’s so important to take pictures – of everything! You can share them with people back at the office to let them see what was happening, keep track of some of the keynote points and also use them in your own marketing. So when you’re making your way around Xerocon grab your team and take a picture with the Xerocon backdrop. Tag Xero and use #welovePF

Plus it’d make a great header image for your post Xerocon blog!

8. Let us know which other cool exhibitors you’re excited to see

Xero put on an amazing event every year, and we all look forward to the keynotes: but don’t forget the fantastic line up of exhibitors that go along too.

You might be looking forward to seeing the Apps you work with, and you’re bound to be intrigued by a few new ones. So which are you super excited to see? Tag them on your chosen social platform and tell them, and include #welovePF

We can’t wait to see ReceiptBank, advancetrack, GoProposal, iwoca, BlueHub, Float, Chaser.. and pretty much everyone that’s cool. You can see them all here.

9. Screenshot your favourite PF blog

Karen writes a marketing tip every Friday and we follow the ‘They Ask You Answer’ mantra and share loads of blogs. If you’re looking for some guidance on websites, branding or anything marketing related search our blog and see what’s there. Take a screenshot of the blog post and share on social using #welovePF

10. Share one of the PF posts and include #welovePF

You’ll be seeing lots of social posts from us in the run up to Xerocon and during the 2 days. A quick and easy way for you to use #welovePF is to share our posts and use the hashtag!

So come on.. get started early and share this blog.

Top tip: Remember to include #welovePF or we won’t see your post, and you won’t get that point.

The winner will be announced Monday 19th of November.