Coming up with Video Content for your Accountancy Firm

Video for accountants

For accountancy firms, video content may seem a little hard to come by. Unless you’re the Dancing Accountant, or the all-singing-all-dancing team of WithumSmith + Brown, you may feel like you haven’t got much to work with.

But partly because video is so powerful (YouTube being the search engine that’s second only to Google, and the great SEO opportunities based on video content), and partly for another reason, it’s critical that you begin looking at the content you can bring to the video world.  Even as an accountant?  Yes, especially as an accountant.

The key here is expertise.

Accountants are always experts in something.  Whether you’re just an expert in producing or delivering accounts in general; or whether you have a particular expertise in accounting for dentists, you personally are often the reason people come to you.

Video is just another way to share that expertise with the world.

We’re running a free webinar on Video for Accountants , but until that time, here are a few ways you can consider using video.

  • Sit at a desk and talk.
  • Chat to an existing client who is happy with the work you’ve done for them.
  • Hold a conversation with a team member about a particular accounting or tax issue.
  • Share your thoughts on a book you’ve recently read.
  • Read out portions of a recent presentation or blog post you’ve written.

(Of course, if none of these appeal, you can always just dance.)

But that’s all very well, you say – what about video content?  What in the world do I talk about?  How do I get a client to be compelling?  What book do I choose?

Here are a few examples of the type of expertise you could share:

A specific element of accounting for a niche industry, such as:

  • Dentists – buying or selling a practice
  • Medical industry – merging two practices
  • IT support – customising Xero for an IT business
  • Creative agencies – planning proposals and quotes

Hot topic – something everyone is talking about, such as:

  • Cloud accounting (Xero, Freshbooks, FreeAgent)
  • The IR35 issue for contractors
  • Outsourcing payroll

Client testimonials – be specific, and ask them to share:

  • The issue they had
  • The way you solved it
  • How they feel now and the results they got

It’s not only expertise.  When someone visits their website, it’s like they’re dropping in on your offices – or it should be.  They should get a sense of who you are, what the team is like, what are your priorities, what kind of coffee you serve.

So you can also consider using video to share:

  • Why you started the firm
  • The type of clients you love to work with
  • A recent success story
  • Who you hire, and why
  • Something about your local or surrounding area
  • A walk-through of your offices and location
  • A virtual meet-the-team
  • Something completely off topic!

If you get stuck, you can always have your website redesigned! When we design a website for a firm, we include a content marketing action plan, which identifies specific blog posts and video content topics every month.   It certainly makes coming up with new content super easy – we even use the process ourselves for the Profitable Firm, and this very marketing tip has been written not by me racking my brain for topics, but by following the action plan.