The best 5 marketing events for accountants (and the top ONE that you must attend)

This has been written as a linked article to “Why accountants need to attend good marketing events”. If you haven’t read that one yet, I suggest you do that first.

If you literally don’t have time for that and want to get to the good stuff quickly, here’s the super fast summary:

  1. You need to act less like an accountant and more like a business owner.
  2. This makes your marketing better, which in turn makes your ROI and profits better.
  3. And all of this is greatly enhanced not only by you as the firm owner attending, but your team, too.

Okay let’s get on to the good stuff.

What events will you attend?

For full disclosure, I have not yet been to all of these content marketing events. But these are the ones that either I have attended personally, or which came the most highly recommended by content marketers I admire and trust.

I’ve included the whole world, by the way. Not only the UK. Because we’re global, and because travelling to a conference will open up the marketing mindset even more.

So here we go.

5. Xerocon – London (or Australia, or the USA)

I wasn’t going to include this at first as it is primarily for accountants (and I’m trying to encourage you to look at events for everyone), but I do consider it a no-brainer  – and it’s the easiest way to ease you and your team into going to events.

Granted, the Xero community is strong. If you are a solid Quickbooks or Some Other Accounting Software user and don’t like Xero, you might struggle. If you’re open to Xero amongst other tech, you’ll enjoy the event. If you love Xero, you’ve probably already booked your tickets.

If you don’t attend any of the other events listed here, definitely start with Xerocon. It will help you see what a good event is like, and you’ll learn a ton. (Plus, you’ll see me and a number of the PF team there too! Win!)

4. Youpreneur Summit – London, UK

The mastermind behind this business and event is Chris Ducker, who was one of the speakers at CMA Live 2017.

He has had remarkable success with his membership group, live events, live video, and if his keynote is anything to go by, this event will be a huge inspiration to you and your team.

I spoke to Chris at the CMA Live event, and we got talking about the Youpreneur Summit, and I asked him who it was for.  He said it was for the entrepreneurially-minded, and those who want to build their business online. I asked what the sessions were about, and he said (among other things) websites, membership sites, book writing, video, podcasting,  and building a community.

Now, you might be thinking, “I’m an accountant. I don’t need to build an online community or a membership site, and I’m not an entrepreneur the way these other businesses are”.  If that’s your mindset, you are missing out. Be a better accountant, and a better business owner.

3. Inbound – Boston, MA, USA

This is one of the events I haven’t been to personally (yet), but it’s absolutely on my list.

It’s put on by Hubspot – and even though I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Infusionsoft user, the best events are not about software or tech.

They’re about concepts and learning and – yep, you remembered correctly – people. (I mean, even the website states clearly that “INBOUND is an event that celebrates the human, helpful side of business.”)

The speakers are some of the best in the content marketing business, and calling this a high energy event is the understatement of the century.

2. Infusioncon – Phoenix, AZ, USA

This is a great event no matter what CRM system you use: but if you already use Infusionsoft, this is a no brainer. It’s inspiring, motivating, high-energy, with great speakers on applicable topics.

Oh, and the workshops are incredibly practical: so you can get stuff done AT the event. Not simply get inspired and then come home with more to do.

Plus, as a bonus, it’s in the city in which I grew up. It’s full of extremely cool things and people, amazing Mexican food, and phenomenal travel opportunities. And the Grand Canyon.

1. CMA Live – Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

I’ve already said loads about the event, but here’s the thing. This is going to be a sell-out event. By next year, you are going to wish you bought tickets in 2017, and you will not be able to.

This event is put on by the Content Marketing Academy, run by my friend Chris Marr.

I joined the CMA group last year, because if I’m going to help accountants with their content marketing, I need to be always learning about it myself.

I’m giving you the chance not to miss out. And (spoiler alert) I’m going up to Dundee to talk to Chris about a pre-event day just for accountants. For the best and brightest of you. We haven’t even planned it yet and it is going to be amazing.

Early bird tickets are only available till the 30th June.

I’d suggest going here now and booking your place. You’ll be glad you did.

(Plus you get to see me, and the PF team. What more could you ask for?)

Early bird tickets for #CMALive18