Sketchnotes brand

Glimpse into the “three stage” level of brand work

Sketchnotes brand

Last week I had Col, our head of Branding, round and we talked about our brand process.

We discovered that we weren’t showing or explaining the entire branding process as well as we could be, so we are now working on a “three stage” level of brand work.

First, get to a decision. Second, define the brand changes and strategy required. And then third, start the design project. It’s everything we’ve been doing in a brand project, but now it has three cool named stages:

Brand explorer

Brand mapper

Brand builder

We are already finding it helps our brand conversations to have these named sessions (each of which are charged separately).

We will make it all fancy soon , but I wanted to share the sketch and process, and encourage you:

What services are you offering that could benefit from being split out into stages and given clear names?

Would love to hear your thoughts.