Content marketing

Are you putting more pressure on your marketing ROI than you are on yourself?

Content marketingGetting ROI from marketing is absolutely a priority for accountants – and rightly so.

As an accountant you’re aware of how powerful the numbers are. Marketing numbers (as with all financial numbers) do tell the truth, and you want your numbers to prove themselves. To indicate what works and what doesn’t. To show you the money.

The question I have for you in 2019 is: How much pressure are you willing to put on yourself?

Are you willing to make yourself accountable? Join a mentoring or community group, hire a coach, invest in training?

Will you push yourself to forms of marketing that you personally feel uncomfortable with? Seriously start recording video instead of simply buying more equipment?

What about your own personal numbers – are you willing to track how many blog posts you’ve written, create a list of client questions and let the team challenge you if you haven’t entered any this week?

And money – will you stretch yourself to invest actual cash for yourself and your team, in the training on, and creation of, content?

The single factor that pushes the best accountancy firms forward (if I had to pick one) would be the personal and committed involvement of the leader(s). When you write content, it removes all the excuses from your team. You’ve showed them that time is not an excuse, busyness is not an excuse, lack of confidence is not an excuse.

When you record video, you make a personal connection with prospects and clients, and speed up the decision making process for them. You also learn how it feels for your team who are uncertain in this area.

And when you spend actual money on building your (and their) marketing skills, you show them you’re serious. We all know that a “Yes let’s work together” email means nothing until the proposal is signed and the payment form authorised.

How much pressure are you willing to put on yourself for your own marketing?