January 2022: Keep going at your own pace

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January always feels like a strange month… and the start of 2022 is no different.

It brings a real mix of emotions with it. On the one hand it feels good to be back in the routine of work and daily life after a couple of weeks of never knowing what day or time it is. You get to hear and share stories from you, your teams’ and your clients’ time off.

It can also feel like a long month and with the festive buzz being over, we can be left feeling a little blue. On top of that, you’ve got those who show up on social media (I’m looking at you LinkedIn) telling you about their “50 resolutions for 2022” or “how I smashed all 140 goals in 2021”. It’s easy to feel deflated when we compare ourselves to these people and what we’ve achieved.

My advice to you is to keep focusing on yourself, your team and your clients and keep going at your own pace. Don’t be distracted by the noise of what everyone else is doing around you. Focus on those who inspire and encourage you, and shut out the rest.

You’re doing a really great job. And those who matter to you can see that.

I hope you enjoying this month’s round-up which includes our team’s (NOTE: not resolutions) for 2022, how you can win an Accelerator golden ticket and the details you need to sign up for our free events in February.

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Words from the team for 2022

Instead of focusing on new year resolutions, our team spent some time thinking about our what words and phrases would motivate us this year, both at work and in our personal lives.

Having a list of words and phrases helps you to pay attention to them throughout the year and bring yourself back to the goals and intentions you’ve set for yourself.

Here were some of the words and phrases our team shared:

Tapping into the power of “no”
Get more comfortable with the uncomfortable
Take chances
Know what’s helping and what’s harming
Own my intention
Even small things are growth
Use my time better
Become a student
Nurture connections
Distance is just a number
Choose courage over fear
We’d love to hear what your words and phrases are for 2022, send us a message if you’d like to share them.


golden ticket

Win a FREE space in Group Accelerator

We’re running our golden ticket offer which gives you a FREE space in the next Group Accelerator!

To win this free space, all you need to do is share a video telling us what you’re struggling with in your marketing, where you need specific support and why you’d like to be part of the next Group Accelerator.

Here’s what to do:

  • Pick up your phone
  • Open up video, and press record
  • Tell us what’s weighing on you in marketing, and why you’d love to win the Accelerator free space
  • Keep it around 3-5 minutes
  • Post your video to the PF Marketing Community Facebook group using #pfgoldenticket (or anywhere you like on social media!)

Share your video with us by Friday 11th February 2022 and we’ll be announcing the winner soon after!

You can watch Steph’s video to learn more about why we offer a golden ticket and how it will help you:

Upcoming Webinars for accountants

‘Better, not more’: webinar with ICAEW

Join us and the team at ICAEW and learn why “better, not more” is the best approach for your accounting firm.

When is it?

9th February at 10-11:30am

What will I learn?

  • Why good marketing isn’t about getting more leads and how better marketing is about getting the right leads (and sending everyone else away)
  • How to pay attention to the patterns in why client relationships haven’t worked out the past and how better marketing recognises it’s your responsibility to train clients to become the best clients over time
  • How content marketing helps you draw in the best clients for you firm: better marketing focuses on helping more than selling, and lets the buyer decide when they’re ready
  • What content marketing you can create to show your ideal audience your expertise and how you can best help them

Georgi Rollings, owner of Starfish Accounting, will be joining us to share her experience of crafting her content marketing to appeal to more of the clients her and her team want to work with and the impact that has had on her top line numbers.

How do I join?

Here is the link to register for the session. You can register even if you’ll only make it to part of the session, or not at all, and we’ll send you the recording after it’s run.

See you there!

P.s you can read more about the “Better, not more” ahead of the session in this blog: Better, not more: Helping your marketing draw in the right people (and send the wrong ones away)

Group Accelerator taster session

Do you want to know how Accelerator works, and how it feels to be a part of the group, before you join? Maybe you’re still not sure if it’s for you, and you want to figure out what it’s like and what’s included.

Join us for a free LIVE taster session so you can experience what Accelerator really feels like, before joining the group. (If you want to learn more about the group before the session you’ll find all the info you need here).

The session is running on Tuesday 8th February at 10:30am and here is the link to register!

If you’d like to be included and ask questions related to your firm’s marketing or any question you have at all, you’re welcome to do that. There’s no pressure: you can decide how you feel on the day and just listen and learn if you’d prefer.

If you do decide to join Accelerator, we’ll give you the bonus stuff and you’ll have 3-month access to the PF Lab where you’ll get extra training and community.

If you decide NOT to join accelerator, that is no problem we will be glad to have helped you explore what marketing is all about: the people you serve & the issues they have.

Kick start your 2022 in the PF Lab

The PF Lab is a space for accountants to have connection, more training and support and encouragement for your marketing.

It’s a community to help you get inspiration, your questions answered and feedback on the marketing you’re already working on!

Here’s what’s coming up in the Lab:

Hear from our members: what do you most want help with in your marketing? What are you working on? Where do you most need support? – 9 February 2022 (2pm GMT)

How to stay connected to a remote working team – 23 February 2022 (1pm GMT)

In person “Keep Going” event (half day in Edinburgh) – 16 March 2022 (10am GMT) –

You can read more about all the sessions here!

Here’s a reminder of what’s included in Lab:

Coaching: we run live sessions on specific topics, and answer and work through these issues right there with you on the call
Training: you get extra videos, how-to’s, and screen-share support
Practical documents: Checklists, briefs, forms, templates – everything from “how to ask for a testimonial” to “how to write a blog”
Momentum calls: Quick 15-30 minute call with me or one of the team when you need it, to get perspective on (any) particular issue

The coaching and learning supports you in pushing yourself in your marketing and you’ll be part of a group of accountants who’ll inspire and encourage you, so you build a better firm for you.

That’s it from us for this month! If you want to get these monthly updates straight to your inbox, you can sign up here!