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PF Lab sessions

Explore, create and learn more about marketing

The training sessions in the PF Lab are deep dives into specific marketing topics which extend past the typical ‘marketing topics’.

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Upcoming training sessions

Upcoming training sessions

February 2022 – How to stay connected to your remote working team
March 2022 (postponed from Jan) – In-person kick start for 2022 (half day in Edinburgh)
March 2022 – Your client journey: how to create it and how to make it unique to your firm
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Get resources and support...

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In-person kick start for 2022 (Edinburgh)

Our first IN-PERSON event of 2022! A kick-starter session in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Here’s what we’ll be covering, with a focus on listening to YOU:

  • What’s weighing on your mind in marketing? And in your firm?
  • How can marketing help you to relieve this burden?
  • What are you excited about in your marketing?
  • What’s holding you back from doing whatever it is your excited about?

It’s an opportunity to connect with each other, the PF team and for you to get excited about what’s possible for your firm’s marketing in 2022.

Here’s the structure for the day:

  • Half day session (10am-2pm)
  • Lunch provided
  • Option to join evening plans

Excited to see you there!

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How to manage a remote team

With your team working from home more than ever before, how do you stay connected with your team virtually?

In this session, we’ll dig into:

  • Values: you live and work by these and they’ll be at the heart of al your remote communication
  • Systems: Slack? Teams? Gsuite? What ones are best for staying connect in different ways with your team
  • Continual video: it’s crucial role in maintaining and building connections with your team
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Your client journey: how to create it and how to make it unique to your firm

Your client journey is a summary of what the journey your client will go through. As you work with more and more clients, you’ll start to see patterns emerging.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The best ways to spot patterns in your client journey
  • How to keep it unique to your firm and your clients
  • How to communicate it in your marketing


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At least 1 session runs per month. You're welcome to join us live on Zoom, or catch the recording later and join the discussion in Slack.
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