Your insight into the Accelerator programme

Your insight into the Accelerator programme

Every day Karen’s sharing a 5 minute overview of each of the 12 key elements of content marketing for accountants! This is a mini Facebook Live series which takes you through all the sessions we run in the Content Marketer Accelerator.

Catch these live on our PF Facebook, or check out the sessions below!

Here’s a quick overview!

Session 1: Choosing your niche

Session 2: Marketing by issue

Session 3: Good content

Session 4: Branding

Session 5: Graphic design

Session 6: Websites

Session 7: Email marketing

Session 8: Follow up

Session 9: Blogging

Session 10: Events

Session 11: Campaigns

Session 12: ROI and Ongoing marketing

If you’d like to join snap up a ticket quickly!

This mini guide is useful whether you join the programme or not. It’ll really get you thinking about applying the foundational principles to your firm’s marketing.