We love helping accountants with online marketing

PF ValentinesIt’s Valentine’s Day today.

For many accountants, perhaps this is just another day at the office.  You might have been persuaded by your partner to go out for dinner, or even take a little weekend break.  But in general, love hearts and confetti and little cherubs don’t really have a place in the accounting industry.

Well, I’ve added a few. Because as cheesy as it sounds, we really, genuinely love helping accountants with online marketing.

Here are a few things we love:

Helping accountants identify niche or industry areas of focus

Online marketing gives you huge opportunities when it comes to getting the right kind of clients – and if you think of it from their perspective, it gives your prospective clients an amazing opportunity to ask for what they want in a very specific way. They’re no longer looking for “an accountant”. They want an accountant who knows and understands them in their industry, their type of business, their geographical location, their style. They want benchmarking for dentists, or specific advice for creative agencies, or an accountant who uses and understands Xero, or QuickBooks, or some other system that’s critical to their business.

The problem is, many accountancy firms have not been thinking this way for years. Perhaps you don’t think you have an industry focus, or you have no idea where to begin. Not to worry. Every firm we work with has at least one niche or focus area already – and we love helping you figure out what that is. It might surprise you (Andrew Price & Co have a great rapport with bank managers, for example), but you definitely will have one, and you may even have more than that. Read more on our FAQ’s page.

Designing websites that sound like you

A new website is pretty easy to get.  But so many of them are designed on the basis of a few key accountancy firm templates – so even though the colours and imagery are different, the menu items are all the same.  Home, Services, About Us, Resources, Tax, Contact.  While that might seem to cover everything from your perspective, it isn’t about your perspective.  It’s about that of your target prospects, and those who visit your site.   One of our recent examples is AD+ Accounting in Glasgow.  Most of the wording on the site comes directly from the mouth of the owner – phrases like “our core values are the lifeblood of our business” and “wealth is just a nice by-product” come directly from the mouth of Matt Donnelly.  We love that – but better still, so do his clients and prospects.

Being in a trusted position as marketers

We don’t kid ourselves – marketers and online marketing organisations are viewed by accountants with a very sceptical eye.  I realise that professional scepticism is a requirement for a good accountant, but it seems to be applied with considerable enthusiasm when it comes to anything related to marketing – particularly online marketing.  So, when we begin working with a firm who like what they’re getting and get great reviews from their clients about it or get new leads on a regular basis, we love it.

Creative online marketing ideas

One of the things that I personally enjoy the most at the Profitable Firm is the attitude and atmosphere of constant creativity.  We’re always coming up with new ideas to help accountants get more business, and the more we work with you, the more ideas you’re coming up with, too.  I’m constantly getting emails from our clients saying things like, “What if we had a page on our website about this?” or “This is a great article about the industry” or “Why is this firm higher on Google than we are for this phrase?”  No matter what the idea or question, it means the accountancy firm is engaging with us, thinking about their online marketing, getting excited about opportunities. And we love that.

So, happy Valentine’s Day. We love working with you!