Should you DIY or outsource your video production?

video for accountants free webinarIf you’re going to use video as part of your accountancy firm’s website and online marketing (and we highly recommend that you do), you may ask yourself whether you should do it yourself, or hire someone to do the video work for you.

It may surprise you to discover that it’s really not an “either-or” type of question.  We’d highly recommend that you do both. Here’s why.

DIY Video

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the key to good video is expertise. Sharing it, showing it, proving it to your prospective clients.  And whilst it’s an excellent idea to bring in a videographer to save time and get a series of videos that are of high quality for your firm, the fact is your best ideas don’t always strike you when the videographer is in the house.

Here are a few DIY options for you:

  • Buy the kit and keep it at the office.
  • Get one of your team members who has some capability with video to be available to help record when needed.
  • Hire a part time marketing manager who can run a video when needed.

However you set it up, the key is to have it there and available at a moment’s notice.  If an appointment is cancelled and you find yourself with a free hour, you can quickly record a 2 minute video about a hot topic or a question many of your clients have been asking you recently.  When a client comes in and tells you about a great success they’ve had, and your part in it, get them to share it with your world through a quick video.

The DIY video option is available for those moments you can’t get back – the great idea, the client testimonial, the excitement in the office.  But we’d also recommend getting some of your video done by a videographer.

Outsourced Video

This is for those times when you want a more professional video created – or for a video that you expect to last for some time.  Some videos aren’t going to be viewed for years to come – your hot topic, or tips for the recession, or quotes from an event you ran in the office.  But others will be, such as:

  • Core values and beliefs of your firm
  • Client success stories
  • Recruitment video
  • Industry-specific focus items

Chris Payne, videographer says that the greatest cost of a professionally developed video is the editing.  “It can take 3 days to edit a 3 minute video”, he says.  “And you’re looking at thousands of pounds for that level of professional video work.” But you don’t have to go this route for every video you produce.  Bringing in a videographer to shoot a series of 2-3 minute videos, edit them slightly by topping and tailing them with your firm name, and then publishing them to your YouTube channel or website, keeps everything simple.

Combination DIY + Outsourced Video

Another option that we use here at the Profitable Firm is that of the ‘interview-style’ video.  We’ll hold a 20 minute phone call with you once a month on topics that you know about – information that’s in your head – and interview you as your own expert.  (We can bring in other experts, too, if you like.)  We record the call, and chop it up into a series of videos that you can share with your world.  Job done.

As always with online marketing, you’ll get the greatest results if you do some, and someone else does some.  Hire someone else to do the work that would take you hours if not days of effort – and do it yourself when you can do it quickly and easily, in a few minutes.