Content Marketer FAQs

Content Marketer FAQ’s

Content Marketer FAQs

When does the next content marketer programme start?

The next CM programme kicks off in September….but as it happens that one is going to be a 12 week programme, not a 12 month one.

Instead of monthly fees, there will be one-off fees in a staged series i.e. the first 5 are a one off fee of £695+VAT, the next 10 pay £995+VAT, etc. So snap up an early bird quickly.

We will still have the 12 monthly programme too, which will have another intake starting 13 October! Join here!

Does the group all start at the same time?

Yes, the groups are phased so everyone kicks off at the same starting point, at the same time.

If we start and get into the programme and have the cash, can we stop the programme and pay for the custom content plan instead?

Yes, absolutely: if you start either the 12 monthly or 12 weekly programme, and a few weeks or months in want to convert your fees into a custom plan, you can do that at any time.

When do sessions begin? Are the dates set?

The sessions run in order, but don’t worry – you can either catch up on sessions that have already run (via the 24/7 portal). You’ll get the full list of dates (for the 12 months or 12 weeks) when you sign up, but if you’d like to know what they are beforehand please get in touch.

What if I have to miss a session?

We record all the sessions, and they will be made available the day after each session, when you log into the members section of the site.

Is this programme just for the accountancy firm owner?

It’s definitely a case of the more the merrier, in that the more people from your firm who engage with the process, the better your marketing will be. You can even pop the live session up on a screen for the full team to watch!

The fees are in £ (GBP). What if I’m not in the UK?

We’re working just now on setting up Stripe, so you can sign up in a few seconds with any credit card. Thank you for your patience! One country at a time please!

Does it matter what size my firm is?

Not in the slightest. The principles we’ll be covering apply to accountants of any size, type, or location. Content marketing is a form of marketing particularly relevant to professional service firms, and we’ve applied these principles uniquely to accountants. So whether you’re a one man band, one of a partnership, or a large firm with multiple offices, you are welcome to join us.

Can I join if the programme is already running?

The sessions build on each other, so we strongly recommend joining right at the beginning and attending each session in order. However, if you’re extremely keen (which we fully support), just sign up anytime through the programme and we’ll make sure you’re caught up when you join in.