27 Ideas for Website Calls to Action

Enter (1)I’ve shared in a previous post the principles of good website calls to action.  Now that you’re ready to start adjusting your accountancy firm website with some great calls to action, I thought I’d help with a randomly-numbered list.  There is no great meaning to 27, but I welcome your thoughts on that.

There are many other ways you can engage your website visitors (such as videos, blog posts, infographics, and more) – but here we’re focusing on the actions that result in someone connecting with your firm, becoming part of your regularly-marketed-to-database.

Next to each one we’ve given you a real-world example to click through and look at.  Wherever possible it’s one of our clients, to show you how it’s done on an accountancy firm website!

  1. Download an ebook (KSA credit control ebook)
  2. Download a template (Business One Page plan)
  3. Complete a diagnostic, questionnaire, or survey (Hansons medical diagnostic)
  4. Register for a live event (AD+ events)
  5. Register for a webinar (Marlow Associates webinars)
  6. Download an industry guide (Holden Moss – optometry guide)
  7. Listen to a webinar replay (Artema – the Curse of FTI)
  8. Download a leaflet or brochure (Thriving Business Program)
  9. Request a quote (Bexley Accounting Solutions)
  10. Request a callback (David Evans & Co)
  11. Give feedback (Business Bitesize)
  12. Apply for an open position (Andrew Price recruiting)
  13. Make comments on your blog (just scroll down!)
  14. Share your content on social media (Jamesons blog)
  15. Sign up for your emails (Karen’s Marketing Tips for accountants)
  16. Register for free stuff (here’s ours!)
  17. Get industry-specific tips (Reality – Tips for Difficult Conversations)
  18. Engage with you on live chat (right here on this site!)
  19. Start a free trial (Xero)
  20. Download an app (DBS dental accounting app)
  21. Watch a demo (David Evans)
  22. Purchase something small (Video for Accountants online training)
  23. Take a tour (actually, I don’t know of anyone who has this yet…feel free to submit yours if you have one!)
  24. Watch a tutorial (Xero tv)
  25. Request a free report (David Evans & Co – benchmarketing)
  26. Download a factsheet (SDBM – Starting Up In Business)
  27. Sign up for a programme (Business Builder webinar programme)

Well, I hope you enjoy clicking through to all of these fascinating calls to action – and feel free to submit yours in the comments below!