When Your Accountancy Firm Website Looks Nice, But Doesn’t Deliver


One of the challenges you will face when having a new accountancy firm website built is that you want it to look good.

That is, indeed, very important.  First impressions are powerful, and if your site is outdated or doesn’t display well on a mobile device, you could lose visitors.

But all the modernity and good imagery in the world will not turn site visitors into clients.

Here are some reasons your website may not be converting visitors:

1. You don’t have a niche.
Being a generic accountant doesn’t work anymore.  Without exception, every firm we’ve worked with has discovered at least one category they do a lot of business in.  We, of course, recommend our content marketing strategy, which will draw that information right out of you.

2. You have a niche (or several), but you don’t have landing pages for them.
Landing pages need to address specific issues, concerns, and concepts.  And they need to have easy calls to action so your visitors do something when they come.

3. You have landing pages, but they are generic.
It’s great if you have a landing page for dental hygienists, but if the page just spouts the same thing on your home page with the word “hygienists” thrown in a few times, your visitors will leave.

4. Your website copy is not compelling.
Website copy is the words that have been written on your behalf (or which you wrote yourself). If your site visitors are not letting you know they have visited, you need to revisit your copy.

5. Your calls to action are difficult.
The days of a “Free 30 minute consultation – phone us now” call to action are over.  Done.  In this brave new world, you want first name and email address, and instant access.  Whatever your call to action is, don’t require too much from your visitors.

6. You’re not active on social media.
Having a link to all of your social media accounts is a first step.  But when your visitor clicks on Twitter and discovers that your last post was October 2013, they may switch off and go find another accountant who keeps things updated a bit more.

7. Your home page is all about you
“We are XYZ Accountants” or “Welcome to ABC Accountants” is an example of bad website copy.  Saying “We have been in business since 1408, and our staff of 28 are chartered certified experienced professionals” doesn’t draw your visitors in. It’s okay to say who you are – but give them something that is about their needs or issues, too.

8. Your home page is about them, but it’s generic
If your home page is all about the business owner, but doesn’t practically help them, why should they read on?  “We help small businesses grow and build profitability by supporting your business development and compliance needs”…. that just sounds like every other bog-standard, template accountancy site on the planet.

9. You don’t focus on specific issues
Things like business growth, profitability, tax planning, and company structuring are not issues. They are general topics.  Do you help businesses get grants, or loans?  Do you create business plans with cash flow forecasts?  Can you help review pricing structures to increase their profits?  Get specific.

10. Your website says “Welcome to XYZ Accountants”
Yes, we know. We entered the URL or clicked the link, and we know what we’re coming to (the website of an accountancy firm). Go beyond that, and tell us something we don’t know!

11. You don’t have a blog
This is a must-have for professional services firms, and especially for accountants.   Read more about why your accountancy firm should be blogging regularly.

12. You have a blog but you never post
Having blogging capability on your website is a good start, but if you never post anything, it doesn’t do you any good.  The key with blogging is 1) fresh content and 2) showcasing your expertise.  If you can’t or don’t want to do the writing, outsource it or get us to do it for you.

13. You post content regularly, but it’s generic
Generic, bought-in content might help a little – but your regular content should be fresh. Engaging. Interesting. Relevant. And unique content that relates to who you truly are and what your firm does.

14. You regularly post tax updates
This makes you feel good, and gives the impression that you are staying updated with fresh content.  But most accountancy firms are buying in their tax content and updates from the same places – so if you want to set yourself apart, edit it for your firm.  Read more about why your clients don’t care about tax tips, tax updates, and tax calculators.

If you need a better site, talk to us.  Or talk to someone else, as long as they can help you not to be generic.