Accelerator bonus stuff UK

Will a marketing course actually help me do marketing for my accounting firm?

Accelerator bonus stuff UK

As an accountant, you’ve identified already that you do need to address your marketing.

Of course you don’t want to simply randomly start doing things and hope for the best. You want to do the right things, in the right order, that will end up getting you the very best kind of clients.

Will yet another ‘marketing course for accountants’ do that for you?

Probably not, you think. I’m tired of these courses and trainings and conferences that all proclaim to change my life and my firm but really they just give me more to  do that I don’t know how to do.

If that’s you, take heart. We really, really do have a 12 week course that isn’t like what you fear. I created the course two years ago and during that time hundreds of accountants have gone through it and the overriding feedback I get is, “This course isn’t like other marketing courses”.

After the course is done, I have a one on one call with every member to talk about what they wanted to get out of it, and what they did get. Here are a few things they said.

“One of the reasons I signed up is, I’m an accountant. I don’t understand this, it’s out of my comfort zone to deal with sales and marketing…but I have to, because otherwise why am I bothering with this business at all! The Accelerator helped me get out of my admin comfort cycle and dive into the unknown – and what I found was that it’s easier than I thought it would be.And the more you do it the easier it gets!


– Ryan Coates, Digi Co Za, South Africa

“You actually got a lot of steps out of it – small marketing portions in bite size. Each session was on a different topic, but all relevant and strung together, giving us the meat together of what we actually needed. I looked at other courses in Australia, courses that were more expensive and more vague in what they were discussing. They were just consulting time and I didn’t really know what I would get out of it. The Accelerator was value for money because you delivered on what the course outline was. It wasn’t just a series of webinars; it’s a proper course.”


– Paul Grafton, Grafton Partners, Australia

For me, the sessions created a very positive “You can do this” message. I felt I was involved in the sessions rather than being spoken at. Sometimes you do webinars or training courses and walk away learning absolutely nothing. But with this, every session I came to I was given great ideas. I took loads of screenshots and had numerous light bulb moments which have spurred me on. I have a newfound confidence about my role and people are listening more intently to my viewpoint. The marketing plan has come into weekly use, which isn’t something I had done before. The sessions speak to everyone across all levels and are very inclusive.”


– Paul Atkinson, Lawrence Grant, UK

I’m sharing these quotes as a few examples of the accountants who were on the course before. And because no matter what I tell you about the Accelerator, I know it just sounds like yet another programme or course or training, and you’ll be left in the same position at the end.

You won’t.

I am personally involved in this course and the people who invest in it always get more than they thought they would. They’re sending me emails, asking questions, sharing content and getting the PF team to review it. That’s the way to get marketing done. Work hard, with expert help.

There’s early bird pricing when you sign up before 31 August…and there’s also some very cool bonus stuffs you get when you sign up before 17 August.

At PF, we don’t believe in pressuring people. When you’re ready, you’re ready. But we give the bonus stuffs because in our experience, some of you are ready now – you just need a little push to press the button now (rather than waiting until midnight on the 31stand then forgetting, and missing out on several hundred pounds’ savings).

Here’s the bonus stuffs offer, and why we’re giving it. Sign up before 17 August and you get the early bird pricing of £495 (goes up to £695 on 1 September), and you also get all these things:


1. Free copy of “They Ask You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan.

I’m going to require you to buy a copy anyway, so you get more out of the Accelerator. This way it’s sent to you in advance, free. (If you already have a copy, you still need this free one so you can give it to a partner or director or team member or anyone else in the firm!)
Here’s why this book is so important.

They Ask You Answer

2. Free coaching session with me and Chris Marr before the Accelerator begins

This is an online group coaching with those of you who sign up before 17 August. Chris works closely with Marcus (the author of THE book), and his business is based on its principles. Chris is also my co-presenter in our Free Marketing Masterclass, and we know you all got loads out of those sessions!

This is an exclusive group coaching. You cannot get in unless you join the Accelerator before 17 August –and it will be customised to exactly what those who attend need. Lots of interaction.

3. Free custom PF branded Moleskine notebook.

We have PF-Xero branded ones (in green) and KR branded ones (in yellow). Moleskine are the best notebooks there are – for sketchnoting or note taking or journaling or whatever.

Our members love using them to take loads of Accelerator notes. We’ll be sending you one of your very own!! Again, you can buy one later, but they’ll be £20 or so.

Can’t wait to send all this cool stuff to you.

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See you soon!