Thoughts on Xerocon, Day One

Xerocon1carI have five minutes while getting ready for the Xerocon Awards Dinner, and I thought I’d use those productively to share a few takeaways from today’s Xerocon event.

Not perfect, but done. David Rowan of Wired said this, and I’ve heard it and preached it, but it couldn’t be more true. Just get your marketing done – even if it’s not spot on.  It will do something for you, which is better than the nothing you’ll get if you are a perfectionist.  This blog is an example. I dashed it out, published it, and will share it. Far from perfect – but more done than the one I wait around to send next week.

Technology can be almost scary. Don’t be scared by it: address it.  Most of your prospects use it like breathing, and if your accountancy firm isn’t doing that as well, you’re missing out.

Take the opportunities when they arise. One of my clients at Xerocon was presented with a good opportunity for getting some notoriety for his accountancy firm. We discussed it – for about three minutes – and agreed that this was a one time deal. You either go for it, and be an early adopter, or you hesitate and the offer goes to someone else. In this digital world that’s even more true than ever.

Great people turn negatives into positives. There was a massive queue for the cloakroom after the main day’s events finished. At least a hundred or more people standing in a queue waiting to get their coat. After the first initial “ohhh no, what a waste of time!”, I turned to my neighbour and started chatting. A client showed up, and introduced me to his new sales guy, and by the time I got up to get my coat I had forgotten what I was waiting for and was surprised at the interruption to my new networking time! The people at Xerocon are so positive – it’s easy to talk to anyone.

Xerocon3garyturnerIt’s all digital.  No one hands out business cards – you just find someone on the Xerocon app, or on Twitter, or get out your mobile.  If your firm isn’t tweeting, or blogging, or taking photos and sharing them, or capturing video, you are not going to be left behind: you are left behind, and it’s time to catch up.

Go where the energy is.  Xerocon is full of inspired, inspiring, energetic, excited people. Everyone is moving, talking, thinking, sharing, smiling. It’s a positive place to be, and you can’t help but come away inspired.  Your clients and prospects are going to do the same: be energetic and enthused, and they will flock to you.

More to come tomorrow!