“Our marketing was unfocused, our website was outdated, and we were confused. Now we’re focused, fresh, and excited!”

Every once in a while one of the accountancy firms we work with lets us know how great they think we are. (Blush, blush.)  But rather than hide it under a bushel, we share it here, because we want to encourage you that at the Profitable Firm, we’re about helping you really understand how online marketing can work, and how it can work for you.  We know that choosing someone to help you with your marketing is a position of great trust – and one that many accounting firms have seen destroyed in the past.   Someone has promised you that you’ll get leads, or bowled you over with too many options, or pushed you into something you never wanted.

That’s not how we work.

But enough from us.  Here are a few words from Henry Jones, an accounting firm in Bluefield, West Virginia, who had an old template website and a great deal of confusion when it came to marketing.  Things are a bit different now.  We asked him a few questions, and these are his answers verbatim.

What was wrong with your old website? Henry Jones accounting firm old website

Henry:  “The old site was developed in the early part of this century. It was mostly template content that succeeded in giving us an internet presence. We always had intentions of reworking the site content when we “had the time.” The old site never clearly communicated how we were different or what we offer the world.”

What do you love about your new one?

Henry Jones accountancy firm new website

Henry: “Everything! The new site captures our ”why” – the reason that we get up and go to work each morning. It’s all about freedom. We’re passionate about helping business owners and their families reach their goals. So many businesses are built around the success of the business itself. Our business is built around helping others be successful, helping others get what they want from life. Their success is our success.

The site is visually stunning while maintaining a simplicity in presentation. The feedback we have on the site is that you can’t look at it without quickly understanding why we exist, how we are different and the unique value that we bring to business owners and their families.”

Visit Henry’s new website here.

Why was your marketing unfocused, and how do you see our work on the content marketing plan helping you focus already?

Henry:  “Our marketing was definitely unfocused. Among the reasons for this, were limited resources of time and money and not having a clear action plan for moving forward. The content marketing plan helps us understand how business owners see our role and what content will be helpful to them. Our advice to other business owners is to find someone who is willing to take the time to understand your business, help you design an action plan, help you decide which tasks to accomplish internally and which tasks to outsource, and, perhaps, most importantly, is willing to hold you accountable for implementing your plan. When it comes to marketing, we recommend The Profitable Firm.”

Well! We are just so glad to hear that Henry, and many thanks!  We’ll keep you posted on the amazing results Henry sees once that content marketing plan is kicked into action.