Woop! It’s live! …And it’s definitely not perfect.

Ta-daaa! We’ve launched our new website, complete with new branding.

We’ve been working on clients’ websites for years, and we’re really proud of launching our own.

I’m ridiculously excited about it: but guess what. It’s not perfect.

We’ve done quality reviews, but we’ve been staring at it so long we need a fresh perspective. I am absolutely confident there are a few things in there that need to be fixed: and I’m keen to fix them. Links that are wrong. Buttons that click through to the wrong page. Images that aren’t sized properly.

As detail-orientated accountants, you have an amazing opportunity to help us out here. 

New website and brand

So what we’d love is if you send us an email (or a Slack message, or a text, or whatever) with two things:

  1. What do you like about it? (anything. The smallest thing. More than one thing if you want)
  2. Is there anything you’ve found that doesn’t work? Misspellings, buttons that don’t work, links that aren’t right, images that don’t line up, whatever.

Feel free to give us a list as long as you want of things that aren’t perfect….whilst remembering a positive point too. That professional scepticism is great, as long as it’s balanced with professional interest.

Most of you know my rallying cry, #notperfectbutdone.

We want to encourage you by example that whatever you’re holding back on, it’s better to get it out there. Ask people for help to point out what’s not perfect. It will build community and show that you’re human, not corporate and boring.

Go. And have a great time!