June 2022: Creating and building connections


June has been an exciting and busy month for us at PF! Two new team members joined our team, we’ve got plans underway for Xerocon next month and we’ve onboarded a new Accelerator group (you can read how they’re getting on below!).

Our team have also enjoyed some #restpillar this month with both Steph and Chryzia taking time off for our weddings and honeymoons. We were encouraged to hear some of you were also leaning into #restpillar this month. Drop us a note back and let us know how you got on or whether July will be your month for taking a break.

As you move into summer holiday season, for those of you who need some support and guidance with staying focused on your marketing actions, take a look at the ‘Actions’ session running in the PF Lab on 7 July. Full details are below and you can either join Lab or sign up for this one off session.

We’re SO excited to see some of you at Xerocon next month and please do get in touch to let us know you’re going and to get more details of the mini PF Lab session we’re running the day before.

Meet our new team members!

Gabi has joined our client services team and Amina is the newest member of our creative studio. You’ll start to see both of them in Accelerator and Lab sessions so be sure to say “Hey!” and help us to welcome them to the team.

As with every new PF team member, Gabi and Amina have chosen 5 personal pillars (things that those who know them best would associate with them), as well as two personal core values (based on how they make decisions and what matters most to them).

Gabi: Assistant Client Marketing Manager

Gabi is our second native Venezuelan who is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. StephieG is very excited to have another fluent Spanish speaker in the team! Through her 4 years of working in content management and media production, Gabi has learned that creativity isn’t just “coming up with cool ideas”, but is also trusting your instincts, knowledge and abilities enough so you can transform ideas into actions and results.

Gabi can’t wait to use her love of storytelling and working within a team to support our Client Marketing Managers in helping our clients to use marketing to achieve their goals in their businesses and life!

Gabi’s two core values are Respect and Balance.

Her five personal pillars are:






Amina: Assistant Graphic Designer

Amina was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary and ever since she was a small girl, she’s had big dreams of wanting to make a difference by helping people through creativity. She believes in learning something new every day by listening to different points of view and taking the time to understand how other people think.

Amina will be supporting our team of Graphic Designers to create designs which truly showcase the expertise, values and passion our clients have for helping their own clients.

Amina’s two core values are Freedom and Making a Difference.

Her five personal pillars are:






Xerocon 2022: Will we see you there?

Looking ahead to next month, Karen, Steph, Elaine and Camilla are heading to London for Xerocon! You’ll see us wandering around in our yellow PF t-shirts and would love for you to stop us and say hello!

Here’s what we’re most looking forward to:

  • Catching up with clients at both the main event and our mini PF Lab session
  • Connecting with people from other great companies who also serve accountants and bookkeepers
  • Spending time with each other as a team
  • Enjoying some #creativitypillar time in the big smoke!

Look out for Elaine, Karen, Steph & Camilla!


Celebrating your weekly victories

We’ve been really inspired by the victories and progress our newest Accelerator group have been sharing with us over the last couple of weeks. Here’s some of the amazing victories they’ve shared so far (and it’s only week 3!):

  • “I increased a client’s fees and it got agreed immediately.”
  • “I sent out 3 new proposals this week! I really enjoyed this week’s Accelerator (Issues) and I’m getting into the rhythm of blog writing.”
  • “Since starting Accelerator, I’ve onboarded a couple of new clients and scoped out a new office to work from.”
  • “This week I referred one of our clients to another client!”
  • “2 of our clients completed surveys this week and both gave us 5 star reviews!”

On top of achieving these victories, almost everyone has been submitting a blog weekly, and making changes based on the feedback from the PF team.

The next intake starts in September 2022 and when you join, you can start straight away with the preparation homework! Learn more here

Upcoming ‘Actions’ session in PF Lab

The focus of these ‘Actions’ session is getting something DONE in your marketing. That doesn’t mean you’ll finish every action you start, but it means you make PROGRESS on one thing you really need and want to finish but you:

  • Keep putting off
  • Never make time for
  • Feel overwhelmed by (“I don’t know how to get started”)
  • Feel confused by (“Is this the right place to start? Is this a priority right now?”)

Here are some the things Lab members made progress on in the last session:

  • “I’ve reviewed and improved the messaging on my ‘Your journey’ website page”
  • “I’ve started building my client priority list: helping clients know what they need to do first, second, third depending on what service they sign up for
  • “I’ve spent the time going through all our existing marketing assets and identified which ones are good, and which need improved.”
  • “I’ve done a rough drafts sketch of 3 assets: onboarding process, client journey and our process/way. I now need to make them look pretty!”

When is the next session running?

Thursday 7 July at 10:30-11:45am BST.

How does the session run?

1 week before: You’ll be asked to share your intention for the marketing action you’ll take (if you’re not sure of your intention yet, you can share some ideas and we’ll help you chose one!). Some examples include:

  • I will write a blog brief for my next blog
  • I will write the key bullet points for [name of] video, and record the video
  • I will write down the 3 main messages I want to share with a prospect during the sales process

On the day: You’ll join the Zoom session and we’ll go round the group so each person can explain what you’re working on, and why it’s so important to you.

You’ll then turn off your screen and microphone, and get to work! You’ll spend 50 minutes working on your action.

Once the time is up, you’ll share your screen and show the group what you’ve been working on!

You can either join the Lab with a monthly or annual membership, or sign up for this one off action session!

That’s it for this month! If you’d like to receive these monthly rounds up straight to your inbox, you can sign up here!