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How to edit or remove a secondary company LinkedIn account

How to edit or remove a secondary company LinkedIn account

You’ve got all your marketing lined up. Hooray! Website, emails, blogs, podcast episodes, PDF guides… then someone at your firm remembers to include LinkedIn posts (yay!) but can’t find the LinkedIn company account (oh no!) so they set up a new one.So now you have TWO LinkedIn company pages for your accounting firm. 

If this happens to you, don’t despair. Simply follow these steps to edit or remove a secondary company LinkedIn account.

First, check if you have admin access to the a company LinkedIn account

You’ll need access to the account to be able to make changes or delete an account.

To check if you have access:

  • Log in to your own LinkedIn account
  • Go to the main header bar
  • Click on ‘Me’ to see the drop down options
  • Then under the ‘Manage’ header you will see the company pages you have access to
  • You then click ‘Admin Tools’ and can edit/delete
  • If nothing shows there, then you won’t have access. If your firm’s account appears in the list then just click it and you’ll then have full access to make changes.

How to delete a secondary LinkedIn account if you don’t have admin access

It can be tricky to delete a company page without admin access. The page may have been set up by someone who’s no longer with your firm so you can’t ask them for access. Or you just don’t know who set it up.

According to LinkedIn “Your LinkedIn Company Page can only be removed by designated admins of the page or the LinkedIn customer support team.”

Since you’re not the admin, you’ll need to ask the LinkedIn customer support team to delete it for you.

Here’s what you need to do before deleting the account

  1. Ask your team to connect their LinkedIn accounts to the correct company page.
    To see the team members who need to do the update: go to the page you’d like to delete and click on ‘see all employees’.
    Speak to those people as they may not know it’s an old one.
    LinkedIn won’t remove an account with more than 10 employees still connected so this will increase the chances of LinkedIn deleting the duplicate account for you without any issues.
  2. Let your followers know you’re deleting one account
    If you have followers on the account you’re deleting: post an update to let them know you’re removing that account and include the link to the page where they can keep following you (your existing company page).
  3. Check that your correct LinkedIn page is linked anywhere you share your social media accounts i.e. emails, website, social media posts.
  4. Contact LinkedIn here and ask them to delete the duplicate page for you. They will usually come back to you in 1 or 2 days with an answer.

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