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What to do when you get one of those heart-racing emails

You know when you get one of those emails or texts that gets your heart really racing?  Something has gone wrong or has been difficult with someone (from a friend to a client to a supplier or whoever), and you’ve been communicating with them for a little while. And at first you were okay, just […]

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How do I know if I’m ready to work with a business or app I met at an event?

It’s the start of ‘event season’ for our clients and friends in the accounting industry. Whether you’re gearing up for the popular events like Xerocon or Thriveal, or travelling to a smaller events like “Accountants are Creative Too”, you’ll hear about products and services that you think could be game changing for your business.  When […]

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Go for a walk: Let all the thoughts swirl around and get outside of your head

Some mornings, I wake up with a lot of thoughts already swirling around in my head. It’s like I put them to the side when I went to bed, and the second I open my eyes (or before) they leap upon me again and fill my head before I even have time to grab coffee.  […]

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How to help your marketing manager succeed

Once you’ve hired a marketing manager, naturally you’ll want them to thrive and succeed in your firm. Understanding your marketing manager is cut from a different cloth is the first step toward success. Your marketing manager might work differently to the rest of your team. They won’t be  accustomed to sitting behind a desk dealing […]

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Island Rules: Not everything will go your way (and that’s okay)

“I like this island, because it slows you down whether you want to or not. The island itself literally won’t allow you to rush.”  My brother in law said this as we were driving along the winding, rutted, curving roads of Mull. The sea was crashing on our right, the sun glowing through the clouds […]

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Do I need a new brand or a new website?

To know if you need a new brand or website, you must first understand the true meaning of a brand.  Your brand represents everything about you and your firm. It’s the emotions your clients and prospects feel when they meet you, speak to you, see your offices, view your website, follow you on social and […]

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Be brave, be brave, be brave: If you’re not sure you can do it, do it.

Still on holiday this week (now I’m on the Isle of Skye).  So instead of a full Note, here’s a sketchnote from an event I went to, which gave me a great deal to think about as a business owner.  The topic was “strategy”, which can sound really boring. It’s been used and overused until […]

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