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How to hire the best team members by using what you learn from bad hiring experiences

Hiring a new team member for your accounting firm who then doesn’t work out can feel like a very heavy weight. You’re frustrated and disappointed at the time you’ve wasted. You likely feel deflated, discouraged and nervous about the lasting impact this could have on you, your firm and your team. And it affects future […]

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What questions can I ask to create an amazing video case study for my accounting firm?

You’ve just finished completing a project for a client and you are ready for a case study! Rather than telling your potential customers how great you are, a case study will allow your clients to do the talking. Video case studies are a powerful marketing tool. They offer proof and reassurance to your audience that […]

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100 ideas of what to cover in a 100 day content challenge

The very best video coach is you, recording a video, every day, over and over. The best initial writing training course is you, writing, every day, over and over. The best way to learn social media is by posting on different social platforms, every day, over and over. As much as reading books, watching videos, […]

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A guide to They Ask, You Answer’s ‘Big 5’ blog categories, and how they apply to your firm’s content

As I type into google “the best sleeping bag for summer/autumn in the UK” I’m reminded just how impactful Marcus Sheridan’s big 5 blog categories are, and why we suggest accountants prioritise them when they’re writing blogs and creating videos. We live in a world now where it’s second nature to go to Google to […]

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How and when do I set up a waiting list for new clients?

There are only so many hours in the day and as much as you might want to, you don’t have to say yes to everyone, right away. The thought of starting a waiting list can be really daunting but one of the best things you could do for your accounting firm. Considering a waiting list […]

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Give away information, charge for implementation

Content marketing means giving actual, real help to people in different forms of content – blogs, videos, guides, resources. And the best content marketing gives away as much information as you possibly can. They already know they have a problem, or an issue: that’s why they’re looking for help from an accountant. Sharing helpful content, helpful […]

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Your accounting firm’s journey to a full marketing team

As a creative agency providing outsourced marketing services to accountants, you might expect the last thing we’d suggest you do is hire a marketing person or marketing team. Actually, that’s exactly what we want you to do. No matter how much an outsourced agency can help you, there’s no substitute for someone (or a group […]

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