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How to use marketing to hire the best employees for your firm

You’ve been feeling the pain of hiring in your accountancy firm for some time now and can’t quite figure out why you aren’t recruiting the right team members. Or why people are leaving after having been with your firm for only a few months. Or, you’re finding that you have the right team members but […]

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You don’t need everyone to love you. Just a few good people

The Greatest Showman is one of my favourite films. It’s got catchy music, a great cast, and a solid message about not letting business and money take over.  And it’s got some good solid quotes that made me stop and think, especially this one when Hugh Jackman’s character is rushing off to yet another round […]

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Is my accountancy firm spending marketing money in the right places?

As accountancy business owners you want to be as confident as possible that every penny you’re investing is being put to work, whether it’s making the most of office space or getting marketing done. On a recent call with an accounting firm , Karen and I were asked more specifically about old media. The firm […]

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But what if you could? Or what if you did know?

Sometimes you just don’t know. Or you feel like you can’t. What moves you from that, to exploring whether you could? Or to a place of knowing you can, and doing it? Earlier this week my sister and I were hiking Lookout Mountain in Phoenix, at sunrise. I’m in Arizona in between conferences in the […]

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Who to give credit to when custom content is written on your behalf

  We’re big fans of Marcus Sheridan’s ‘They Ask, You Answer’ principle (you may have heard us say this one or two or forty times already). Your clients have questions they need answered in order to trust that you’re for real before they buy. The purpose of your content is to answer those questions. When […]

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The travel list: how to get things done when you’re out of pattern

I do enjoy travel, and sometimes get a good bit of work done when doing so. But I used to find there were all these things i wanted to get done…but I wasn’t at my iMac with the nice Yeti microphone and the webcam and the camtasia video editing software and the faster speeds and […]

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What logo file formats you’ll need
and when to use them

Anyone who has been through a rebrand or branding project will know that once you’ve approved your shiny new logo, the designer sends over a bunch of logo files. You’ll be given a file that ends in AI, another in EPS, a few in PNGs – and more!  These are the same file formats you […]

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