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Creativity requires structure. Rest takes work.

Last week we had a 3 day team retreat, and it was amazing and inspiring and difficult and challenging and we did things wrong and we did things right. As a team, we read the book Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar…

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How do I deal with someone leaving a negative review for my firm online?

Getting a negative review feels either frustrating or scary or both. I’m presuming the review is a reflection of a client (or former client) who is disgruntled, and the review itself is angry, inaccurate (at least in parts), bitter, or even point blank lies. Negative reviews do happen, to the best of businesses. It is […]

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What frequency of posting on social media is “enough”?

How much posting on social media is enough? The short answer is about 3-5 social posts per week. The long answer is, ‘it depends’. There isn’t a magic formula for this because what works for one brand, doesn’t work for another. While you can read up on case studies to see what worked for other […]

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Listen to your gut…and dig deeper

“I just trust my gut”, you think. You hire someone you feel right about, and reject to the ones you don’t. A new prospect says and does a few things which feel dodgy, but seems like a nice guy, so you take him on as a client anyway. Many weeks or months later something happens and you think, “I knew it. I KNEW IT.”

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How to prepare your prospects so they’re not shocked by your prices

There’s a big old elephant in the marketing room and it’s called pricing. Pricing is such an important topic to address specifically in your marketing and yet, time and time again, it’s the one most commonly neglected by accountancy firms. The one which has the least content written or created about it. I mean it […]

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When is best to follow up from a proposal?

You had a call with a client you’d like to work with and it went really well. You got along and it’s a great fit. You sent the proposal and didn’t hear back right away, so you know you need to follow up. But how? When? Will you be too pushy and send them away? […]

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How can I meet prospects online when I’m used to in person networking?

Regardless of where you traditionally do your networking, the ability to reach more people always grows when you are doing business online. When I was a child, it never occurred to me I could have a conversation with someone from across the ocean without paying through the roof in “long distance” phone charges- and even […]

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