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How do I add captions to my videos?

Your buyer needs captions to engage faster with your videos.  Think about how you watch videos. When you’re watching a video (usually on your phone first), do you instantly watch it with full attention, with sound on?  Nope. Most of the time, you watch it with captions to see if you want to keep watching.  […]

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A story about great leggings, and how simply having a good product isn’t enough

My new favourite leggings are from a company called Sweaty Betty.  I like what they make, but that isn’t all, and it’s not enough.  I like what they say in their marketing, and who they are, and the way they interact with me as a human (not simply a “buyer”). A few weeks ago they […]

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What do I need to supply to a designer to make my PDF guide look good?

So you’ve written content for a guide you’ll use for clients and prospects, and you’ve found a designer you like and trust. Wonderful! What next? To truly capture your brand and your voice, your chosen designer will need a little help to get going. If your designer just asks for the content and nothing else, […]

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I’ve been talking about this for ages. How could they not know about it?

People hear things when they are ready to hear them.  This is a little story about someone who recommended a book to me….which I’ve been recommending to, like, everyone all the time everywhere. I thought.  It’s Saturday morning. My friend James texts me something he’s been thinking about, so i ring him and we chat […]

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How do I use Instagram for my accounting firm?

One of our clients once said to us “I’m not using Instagram for my accounting firm!  I’m not a girl.”   While we and our client had a good-hearted laugh about this, we also realized there are some massive misconceptions about Instagram in the accounting world.  Contrary to “popular” belief, Instagram isn’t just for girls and […]

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Accountants are creative too (no, not the illegal kind)

I’ve been thinking for a long time about the creativity of accountants (the good kind).  In the past, i would say most accountants wouldn’t consider themselves creative. That word is for artists, photographers, writers, graphic designers. People who do creative-y things.  But where does that impression come from? Why is it we think some people […]

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Is it best to write content in-house, or hire an outsourced content writer?

We all know now that writing content is important. What you want to know is how on earth do you get it done (and get it done well) when you’re an accountant, not a writer.  As Ann Handly said so succinctly in her wonderful book ‘Everybody Writes’: “If you have a website, you are a […]

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