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On the power of rest in the new temporary-normal

There’s a lot out there about how to “use” your coronavirus time. Or your quarantine time. To rise to the challenge, be strong and valiant, own this and crush this and win win win. Last week I was feeling that a bit. I thought “My business is already remote, so this is business as usual”. […]

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How to (and not to) write an email about COVID-19 to your clients

Okay, raise your hand (virtually and from a distance) if you’re already sick of all the COVID-19 emails. And the coronavirus emails. And the “we thought since times were tough you might want to look at OUR company” emails. Fortunately I haven’t gotten too many of the latter, but I know some of you have. […]

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Any guidance on setting up a private Facebook group for clients?

Question today: “Decided this morning I’m going to setup a Facebook group for my clients, the other advisers that work with my clients (IFA’s, Lawyers, Lenders etc) so that everyone can chat/share and generally get through this shit together. You guys got any guides on setting up a private FB group?” You’re starting to realise […]

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Do I hire right now? How do I start people remotely?

Question: “We have a new person who’s supposed to start soon. We’re working remotely now, so do I postpone their start date, or can I get them settled in effectively even if it’s not in person?” For many of you, remote working is not the problem. You’re all set up for that, and everyone has […]

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Cheat sheet on running a Zoom webinar

*IMPORTANT EDIT: We’ve recently become aware of “Zoombombing” which means people hacking into your Zoom meeting or webinar. It’s dangerous but it can be avoided. Please make sure to read our friend Jonathan Fox’s detailed post on Zoombombing here. Question today: “Do you have any links or PF content for a sort of cheat sheet […]

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Who do you want to be when this is over?

Okay so, the world has gone a bit mad. I had some fears too, and they’ve gone up and down a bit as shown by this handy graph.  Here’s the things I’ve been telling myself, my team, and pretty much anyone I ended up talking to this week about the coronavirus (so, everyone). On levels […]

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Is Vimeo or YouTube better for posting my accounting firm content?

You’ve decided to use video content for your accountancy firm and gone through the creative process of producing what you’re absolutely sure is compelling content for your future clients. Now that your video is ready, where do you publish it? Do you post it to Vimeo or YouTube?  Where you post your video content makes […]

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