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We love it when firms come to us with so much clarity, which is exactly what Ten Forward did! They had a new site, a growing team, and they clearly knew their services and their niches.

They had two avenues: Boutique services for creative businesses and tax planning which they’d set up to have a lucrative and different proposition than standard accounting.

So what was the problem? They didn’t have the marketing to showcase their products and their business. They wanted the consistency but they didn’t have any in-house marketing and so were looking for a great relationship with an outsourcing team, which led them to us.

Their journey with us began with a targeted content plan, and here’s how it evolved into a website transfer and more!

Content marketing strategy & plan

We spent several sessions chatting to Nathan and his team about their firm, their goals, their clients and more.

Through the discussions, powerful messages came up, such as their focus on innovation and the problems their clients face. We crafted a content plan that focused on all of this, with content specific to their audience in the form of blogs, landing pages, emailers and events.

But they didn’t stop there. Ten Forward thought they needed a good foundation for their upcoming content marketing tasks, and they decided to move ahead to a…

Website transfer

Their old site was created through Weebly, and that was all right at first. But now that they wanted new landing pages, more content, and website integrations, it was time to move the site to WordPress.

A website transfer was a great opportunity to begin showcasing some fantastic messages we’d discovered, and help freshen up their brand with photographs of the team.

Once their new and amazing site was launched, it was time to start getting the content plan actioned, and so they dived into…

Outsourced marketing credits & social media

With a fresh site and keen attitude, Ten Forward decided to go with a custom package to begin actioning the items for their plan. Not only that, but they decided to bolt-on daily social media posting and later a Twitter lead generation package to begin building their audience.

Since then the results have been fantastic. With their social media following growing at a rapid basis, Nathan and his team are consistently putting out content that is relevant to their target audience, be it blogs, landing pages, social posts and more!

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