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Stepping Stone

Unique customised texted for each client/project.

Stefan, Managing Director of Stepping Stone, had concerns that their current site was difficult to navigate, with too much information, resulting in an unclear message and service offering.

Stefan’s objective for the website transfer was to keep their global message and focus but reduce the content and make their message stronger and simpler across the whole site. He also wanted to keep the branding but create a fresh new look that showcased their global footprint clearly.

Being a long-time client of the Profitable Firm for outsourced marketing and website maintenance, PF already had a very good understanding of the Stepping Stone brand and marketing objectives and were perfectly placed to hit the floor running with the transfer project.

After an initial meeting with Stefan, 3 main objectives were identified:

  1. Redesign a fresh new home page to showcase their global message and capabilities as well as their Xero partnership and client testimonials
  2. Consolidate and regroup services to ensure the services they offer were clearly explained and easy to navigate.
  3. Add regional capability and pricing pages to allow visitors to see pricing applicable to the region they are from and to navigate easily between regions.

The journey:

The first step was for Stefan to choose a WP template that best suited the transfer of all the pages from the current website to the new one. Once finalised we focused on overhauling the home page and transferring existing content over to the new template, as well as adding the multi region capability.

1. Overhauling the home page

Stefan wanted to bring the global footprint to the fore with a clear message and imagery that supported the words. Together we decided that instead of using a slider we would pick one strong header image of iconic regional imagery and change this every couple of months, thus retaining the global message and keeping the homepage fresh.

The next step was to significantly reduce the current content on home page and add new content to showcase a summary of all the pages and content across the site.

As it was very important to Stefan to highlight their global reach and capabilities, we placed this message clearly at the top of the page using regional imagery and linking directly through to the contact page.

We also created a section highlighting their Xero Gold partnership and ensured their client testimonials were clearly displayed on the page.

Old home page

Stepping Stone old home page

New home page

Stepping Stone homepage


2. Consolidate and regroup services

Stefan wanted to ensure the services they offer were clearly explained and easy to navigate. He consolidated and regrouped their existing 9 buckets into 6 service offerings, reducing the content and message, and making it clear what they do and how they can help clients.

Old Services / What we do page

Stepping Stone old What we do

New services page

Stepping Stone Services

3. Regional capability and pricing pages

As Stepping Stone works with clients across the globe, Stefan wanted the site to have a regional capability that would allow visitors to see pricing specific to their region.

We built 5 new pricing pages that defaulted to the region visitors were from, displaying the pricing and currency relevant to that region.

The functionality also allows users to select the pricing pages for other regions if they require.

Stepping Stone pricing

The result

The result is a fresh and updated design, matching the Stepping Stone brand, and showcasing a powerful global message for current and prospective clients.

The new website has subsequently seen an increase in traffic since the launch and their Services Page is now one of the top viewed pages on the website.