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Vipul had previously been a guest speaker for us (way back when!) on a webinar about the power of outsourcing for accountancy practices. He’d spent a lot of time creating a global business, and many of our clients use AdvanceTrack to enable them to deliver more compliance work at a profit.

Having poured his efforts into printed newsletters, conferences, and systems, it became clear that the next investment was a website that proclaimed the true outsourcing message. At the same time, he wanted to ensure that the site addressed the very real issue that many accountants had: a bad prior experience with outsourcing, and a distrust of outsourcing opportunities.

Vipul was clear in his vision of creating a site that told a story, and addressed the issues relevant to accountants considering outsourcing. Along the way, some of the marketing principles we applied were:

  • Bringing his powerful messages to the front: Vipul clearly shared with us his enthusiasm for the fact that accountants have the power to change people’s lives, but not by producing a set of accounts! It was strong and powerful messages like this that needed to be brought to the forefront of his new site.
  • Highlighting their niche: With many outsourcers out there, Vipul had built his business around a revolutionary system, but his old website didn’t showcase this. We made sure to craft pages for this to showcase how powerful the system, and outsourcing were.
  • Region capability: As a global company, Vipul deals with accountants from the UK, USA and Australia on a daily basis. And each one is different. So we added in region capability so that the homepage content would change depending on where you were to focus on issues specific to accountants in that country.

Vipul now has a site with powerful messaging directly addressed to the forward-thinking accountants ready for outsourcing. A site miles away from their old one, but one that grasps the key pain points of his target audience!

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