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Preparation list

3 things you can do to decide if you'd love to work with PF

Here are the things:

1. Watch the Marketing Map webinar

2. Read the Partnership Success Agreement

3. Start creating content yourself in Accelerator

1. Watch the Marketing Map webinar

Why? This helps you understand the approach PF takes to working with accountants in marketing – and why. (Short version is: it’s been drawn from the highest performing firms who get the very best clients.)

Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes, 35 seconds

When you’re done… Tell us where you are on the map, and move to step two

2. Read the Partnership Success Agreement

Why? Working with PF is a partnership. Your input and opinions are valuable and critical to the process, and we welcome them. We only work with firms who love the PF pillars & values. Read this to see if you do.

Time: 10 minutes or so? Depends how fast you read. We suggest actually reading it, not skimming it.

When you’re done… Tell us what you thought, and think about having one of these for your firm!

3. Begin creating content yourself in Accelerator

Why? Combine learning with doing: a structured approach to content marketing, plus a weekly piece of content you create. The firm’s who graduate from Accelerator get the best results from their marketing and team.

Time: 12 weeks

When you’re done… you’ll know exactly where to focus (you may even figure this out before the course finishes)

We’ve got a lot of great stuff to use in our marketing: the Xero award win and our client video from the Xero Behind Your Business Competition! Going through the Accelerator has cemented what I need to do next, and taught me how to use all of this in my marketing.

Cheryl Sharp
Cheryl Sharp

Pink Pig Financials

The most powerful thing I learned is that I’ve got to be comfortable with who I am and how I speak. I used to think, ‘An accountant wouldn’t do this’ or ‘An accountant would say that’ – but now it’s much easier. This is who I am, and I have the confidence to write and do marketing as myself.

Lenah Oduor
Lenah Oduor


What next?

As you go through these, you’ll be in communication with us about what your best step next is. Other than Accelerator it will be one of these things:

(or you can do all 3 at once)

Why? These are foundational to any marketing you do. It also helps you feel sure PF are who you want to work with in your marketing.

How long?

Most firms spend 3-6 weeks on this preparation process. This helps both of us. Be sure we want to work together. Be clear on the process. Get excited to be involved in your marketing. See you soon!

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