Erin McKinley-Norris

Erin McKinley-Norris

Senior Content Writer

I’ve been in a love affair with words and storytelling since I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of scribbling short stories or reading books wrapped in a duvet in the upstairs toilet (I know, odd choice, but it was small and cosy).

Fast forward to the early stages of my career and after graduating with a degree in English literature and creative writing, I was looking for any way to work with words. I think the words we choose and how we use them is powerful. We all remember the ones that have made an impact and can recall them verbatim, years later. How cool is that? With that in mind, my favourite thing about being a content writer is finding those words and using them to send the right message. After working in PR, the performing arts and most recently a multi-disciplinary design studio, I’ve found that I like to sift out the humanity of things in order to deliver that message.

I’m currently writing a book which is about monsters, mental health and our weird little world. If I’m not doing that, I’m toddling alongside my loopy, lovely one year old, shoving my face into my cat’s belly or drinking coffee with my husband.

My personal pillars are:

My two core life values are Beauty and Integrity.

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