Gabi Pinto

Gabi Pinto

Assistant Project Manager

Hi there! I’m Gabi, a native Venezuelan now based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The world of marketing and communications came to me unexpectedly but was the pivot point to realising what I was truly passionate about in life (I actually wanted to be a geophysical engineer before, oddly enough).

Both my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and experience working in content management and media production has helped me understand my potential in a whole new way. I’ve learned that creativity and being creative it’s not just about “coming up with cool ideas” out of nowhere, but also trusting your instincts, knowledge and abilities enough to tell you how to transform ideas into concrete actions and tangible results.

One of the things that characterizes me the most is that I am calm and observant. I am the friend who listens at all times, who is chosen to give advice and who encourages reconciliation, respect and talking things through. I am very family oriented and I deeply cherish my friends – I’ve had the same group of close friends since elementary school.

In my spare time I love to watch movies and tv shows, going to the cinema is an experience that never gets old for me, especially because I’m passionate about storytelling. I love and enjoy music and it gives a lot of pleasure being able to calmly sit down once a week to discover what new songs and artists I can find on Spotify and YouTube. I frequently use music as motivation and a source of empowerment and I firmly believe that sounds have the ability to broaden our perspectives in many life situations.

My personal pillars are:

My two core life values are Respect and Balance.

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